Fallout 76: How To Respec

It’s not uncommon for players to make mistakes when building their character in Fallout 76, but luckily, fixing said mistakes is quick and painless.

Fallout 76: How To Respec

Builds play a large role in Fallout 76. Even a high-level character with good gear won't be nearly as effective as someone on the same level, but with a decent SPECIAL setup. Making mistakes in stat allocation is normal, and thankfully, the game offers a way to fix them easily.

While it's not immediately obvious, players do get the ability to respec their SPECIAL points. If you want to fix a mistake or try out a meta build in Fallout 76, here's a short guide going over the steps you need to take.

How To Respec in Fallout 76

Fallout 76: How To Respec

In order to change your SPECIAL stat allocation, all you need to do is visit a Punch Card Machine at train stations or inside the Whitespring Mall. You can also craft and place one inside your CAMP. These stations allow you to create and equip SPECIAL loadouts that you can tweak as many times as you want. However, this feature only becomes available once you reach Level 25.

Punch Card Machines will let you edit your SPECIAL loadouts, though you may have to equip a different loadout if you want to make any changes to the one you currently have equipped. Using these stations is free, so you won't have to farm caps in Fallout 76 or go through any extra hurdles if you want to respec — just visit a Punch Card Machine and tweak your build to your heart's content.

Fallout 76: How To Respec

If you want to equip different perk cards, you can do that at anytime and at any location. Simply open up your Pipboy and look at the button prompts at the bottom portion of the screen. You should see one that says "Perks." Press the appropriate button to open up the Perks menu, and you'll be able to swap perk cards around.

Keep in mind that the Punch Card Machine is only for adjusting your SPECIAL stats. There is no way to re-pick the perk cards you select when you level up, and you can't rank down perk cards either, so choose wisely. If you do find yourself needing lower-ranked perks or just new cards in general, the only thing you can do is level up and get new cards that way. Every five levels will net a new pack of perk cards to choose from — completing challenges and doing public events are two of the fastest ways to level up in Fallout 76, so consider doing those if you're in a hurry.

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