Fallout 76: Where To Find Mutant Hounds

Mutant Hounds are large dogs that are as big and mean as their Super Mutant masters. Here’s where you can find them.

Fallout 76: Where To Find Mutant Hounds

Mutant Hounds are large, heavily-irradiated dogs that have grown to monstrous proportions. They return in Fallout 76 as a somewhat common enemy, and players often hunt them down for the raw materials they provide or out of necessity for certain quests and daily activities.

These monsters haven't changed much from their iterations in previous games, though they are a little bit more important this time around. If you're looking to cook consumables in Fallout 76 or finish some very specific dailies and challenges, here's a guide showing where you can find some Mutant Hounds.

Mutant Hound Locations in Fallout 76

Fallout 76: Where To Find Mutant Hounds

Mutant Hounds can often be spotted accompanying Super Mutants. If there's a mutant camp or a group that's roaming around the wasteland, there's a big chance that they have at least one hound following them around. While the hounds aren't that threatening, the mutants are usually armed with various kinds of rifles, including laser guns, and rarer variants like Super Mutant Masters may carry heavy weapons with them. If you're just starting out, grab the best early guns you can find in Fallout 76 to stand a better chance against them.

West Tek Research Facility

Fallout 76: Where To Find Mutant Hounds

One of the best places to find Mutant Hounds is the West Tek Research Facility, a large POI in the southern half of the Savage Divide. This is a large facility that's been converted into a Super Mutant stronghold, a fact that you'll notice quickly as soon as you enter the premises. Large groups of mutants will converge on your position, lobbing grenades and raining down fire at you from everywhere. Consider bringing a suit of Power Armor before coming here.


Fallout 76: Where To Find Mutant Hounds

A good alternate location is Huntersville, which is just south of the research facility. Just follow the road and you'll eventually come across it. Again, expect to encounter plenty of angry Super Mutants and at least one Mutant Hound in the vicinity.

Eastern Regional Penitentiary and Grafton Dam

Fallout 76: Where To Find Mutant Hounds

If both West Tek and Huntersville have been cleared by someone else, your next option is to go north and find the Eastern Regional Penitentiary and Grafton Dam. Luckily, both POIs are very close to each other, so it shouldn't take long to go from one spot to the other.

Mutant Hound Farming Tips

Fallout 76: Where To Find Mutant Hounds

If you're farming Mutant Hounds for whatever reason, keep these tips in mind:

  • Run for cover. As mentioned, the main threat posed by Mutant Hounds actually comes from their Super Mutant masters. Hounds can stagger you with their melee attacks, making you vulnerable to ranged attacks. Automatic weapons in Fallout 76 are great at burning through Super Mutant health bars.
  • Server hop. If none of the locations above have any Mutant Hounds left, quit to the main menu, and start the game again. This will put you in a different server — one that hopefully has more hounds for you to shoot at.

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