Fallout Creator Praises Amazon’s Fallout TV Show

Tim Cain, one of the lead creators of the original Fallout game, is singing the praises of Amazon’s live-action Fallout adaptation.

Fallout Creator Praises Amazon's Fallout TV Show


  • Fallout creator Tim Cain praises Amazon's Fallout TV show, calling it visually engrossing and faithful to the franchise vibe.
  • The show has earned positive reviews from fans and critics alike.
  • The Fallout franchise thrives with new updates for Fallout Shelter and increased popularity of Fallout 76.

One of the original creators of Fallout, Tim Cain, has shared his thoughts on Amazon's recently released adaptation of the franchise, and they're very positive. With Prime Video's live action Fallout adaptation receiving a stamp of approval from one of the masterminds behind the video game series itself, it seems like it's safe to say the TV show has lived up to the hype.

After years of speculation surrounding a potential live-action adaptation of the Fallout franchise, fans hoping to see the video game series brought to life finally had their wishes granted in 2020 when Amazon announced a Fallout TV show was in development. Given the divisive history of game adaptations in the past, many were highly skeptical about the idea of a Fallout show. But the skepticism was quelled when Amazon's Fallout show launched to widespread acclaim from critics. And now, famed game designer Tim Cain — who's best known for his work as the lead producer of the original 1997 Fallout game — has expressed his glowing opinions on the show as well.

In a recent video uploaded on his YouTube channel, Tim Cain goes into great detail about his experience watching the first two episodes of the Fallout TV show at a Hollywood premiere event at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. Cain watched the premiere alongside fellow Fallout developers Todd Howard and Brian Fargo, the former of the two having invited him to the event. Regarding the show itself, Cain expresses that he "was literally at the edge of [his] seat" while watching those two episodes. He went on to further elaborate that he thought the show was visually "very good," that the humor was "very good" as well, and that the showrunners nailed the "vibe" of the franchise.

"I was sitting there watching, looking at the set, and the set was so detailed. There were things that looked so good. . . I would realize after a few minutes went by that I had not followed the dialogue at all, because. . . I was so engrossed in it visually," said Cain.

There Have Been Many Different Styles of Fallout Over the Years

Though Tim Cain did have a lot of positive things to say about the Fallout show itself, he also expressed some criticism regarding the toxicity engulfing the Fallout fanbase. Those active in the Fallout community are likely well aware of the heated debates that fans often have regarding which Fallout games are the best RPGs, whether that be Obsidian's, Bethesda's, or Interplay's. Cain called out the harassment from fans that some Fallout developers like Brian Fargo received, stating that "you guys can be really destructive, which is odd that you do it to people who are trying to make things."

Overall, though, the Fallout franchise as a whole seems to be on the up-and-up, in large part thanks to Amazon's Fallout TV show. Not only is the popular mobile game Fallout Shelter getting new updates, but even Fallout 76 is blowing up in popularity. Even if a new Fallout game is still nowhere in sight, releases like this acclaimed TV show are likely to keep many fans pleased for the time being.

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