Fallout Fan Dresses Their Cat in Power Armor, And It’s as Cute as You’d Expect

A fan of the Fallout franchise creates an adorable set of Power Armor for their cat, and the finished product is incredibly cute.

Fallout Fan Dresses Their Cat in Power Armor, And It's as Cute as You'd Expect


  • The Fallout TV series has reignited interest in franchise, inspiring fans like Freyu to show off adorable tributes like their cat Power Armor.
  • Freyu's attention to detail in crafting a cat-sized suit of T-60 Power Armor is truly impressive, as the design is complete with a red paw emblem.
  • With excitement for the Fallout franchise on the rise, more charming homages from the community are likely right around the corner.

A creative Fallout fan has crafted an amazing set of power armor for their adorable pet cat. Through the years, Bethesda's long-running post-apocalyptic franchise has inspired the art of many fans, and this cat Power Armor would make any feline friend ready for the wastelands of Fallout.

The Fallout franchise has had a surge in popularity as of late, thanks to Amazon Prime's new series based on the Bethesda games. The Fallout TV series is filled with fun tributes to the franchise's legacy, and it has also introduced a whole new audience to the fascinating nuclear-filled world. The premiere of this live action adaptation is a big moment for the series as a whole, as it has reignited interest in the games. It's exciting that Fallout is reaching a larger crowd, though there are plenty of longtime fans who have found incredible ways to pay tribute to the games, with one fan in particular building the cutest set of Power Armor.

A talented Reddit user known as Freyu has used their talents to make a replica of the game's T-60 Power Armor for their pet cat. Power Armor is an iconic piece of Fallout lore, and seeing it sized down to fit a cat is almost too cute to handle.

Fallout Fan Makes Power Armor For Cat

Of course, while this cat-approved Power Armor is incredibly cute, it's also quite impressive. It would be difficult enough to try and replicate the actual T-60 Power Armor from Fallout, but it's even cooler that Freyu was able to rework the design in order to properly fit a cat. Freyu's crafting skills have been put on full display with this creation, and one small detail that brings the whole thing together is the little red paw emblem that's been branded on the Power Armor's chest plate. The most amazing feat of all, however, was how Freyu managed to get the cat to stay still enough to even put the armor on.

Since the launch of Amazon Prime's adaptation, excitement for the Fallout franchise is booming. It's currently a great time to be a Fallout fan, and with this excitement comes some great enthusiasm from within the community. Freyu put some serious dedication and hard work into this Power Armor, and it's one of the cutest tributes to come from a member of the series' community recently. Thanks to this Power Armor, Freyu's cat will be ready to join the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel in no time.

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