Fallout Fan Makes Impressive Brotherhood of Steel Skateboard

A talented fan of the Fallout franchise creates an impressive Brotherhood of Steel skateboard, impressing members of the community.

Fallout Fan Makes Impressive Brotherhood of Steel Skateboard


  • A Fallout fan has created an amazing Brotherhood of Steel skateboard.
  • The skateboard features a Brotherhood of Steel soldier, kneeling alongside their assault rifle.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel remains a fan-favorite faction, having featured heavily in Bethesda's Fallout games over the years.

A talented Fallout fan has shared their amazing Brotherhood of Steel skateboard, which they have hand-carved themselves. The Brotherhood of Steel is one of the main factions throughout the Fallout series, and one player has decided to pay tribute to it in an extremely unique way.

The unique aesthetic of the Fallout series is one of the big reasons it has remained so popular over the years. With the recent success of the TV adaptation on Prime Video, fans have been working overtime to create tributes to the franchise with a ton of fan creations of their own, embracing Fallout's iconic aesthetic in their own lives. Just recently, a talented gamer created an awesome Fallout mixtape, showing off the best tracks from the 1940s and '50s that the games have to offer. This increase in popularity for Fallout at the moment means these types of fan creations will be the norm for the foreseeable future.

Redditor anni3_kin shared their amazing Brotherhood of Steel skateboard with the Fallout community online, and it's remarkably impressive. On the bottom of the board, the user has carved a Fallout Brotherhood of Steel soldier kneeling with their assault rifle in place of a more traditional sword, and even managed to etch in a lot of the weathering on the suit of power armor. One user in the thread claimed they'd "be scared to use the board," as it could mess up the fan's hard work. This certainly feels like it would be more of a centerpiece to be hung on a wall rather than a board that would actually be used — after all, it'd be a shame if it were to break while in action.

Fallout Brotherhood of Steel Skateboard

The Brotherhood of Steel is front and center of the Bethesda Fallout titles and, as a result, is also extremely popular with fans of the series. This means that over the years, players have found many different unique ways to pay tribute to the faction. One gamer even recreated Fallout 4's Prydwen in Starfield, mixing two Bethesda franchises with one build. Given how the Fallout TV show also partly focuses on the Brotherhood, they're here to stay at the center of the series.

Although the Fallout TV show is a smash hit, it doesn't seem as though a new title in the series will arrive any time soon. Development of The Elder Scrolls 6 is ongoing, and Bethesda doesn't tend to tackle more than a single game at a time. In the meantime, the entire Fallout series is getting a big player count boost at the moment, meaning that despite the unlikeliness of a new game in the next few years, gamers are still enjoying what previous entries have to offer.

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