Fallout: New Vegas Fans Want Cooper Howard to Be Connected to Victor

A new fan theory based around Fallout New Vegas’ Victor connects the character to Cooper Howard from the live-action TV series.

Fallout: New Vegas Fans Want Cooper Howard to Be Connected to Victor


  • A Fallout: New Vegas fan theory connects Victor to Cooper Howard from Amazon Prime's TV series, adding depth to character origins.
  • The theory speculates that Victor's cowboy persona was inspired by Cooper Howard, creating a fascinating link between the two.
  • Despite being likely coincidental, theories like these add layers to Fallout's lore, sparking interest in connections between the games and the show.

A new fan theory centered around Victor from Fallout: New Vegas makes an interesting connection between the character and Cooper Howard from the live-action series for Amazon Prime. Victor is one of the most unique characters featured in New Vegas, and this theory puts a fascinating spin on the game.

Since the launch of Amazon Prime's live-action Fallout adaptation, there has been a huge surge in popularity for the Fallout franchise as a whole. Some entries in the Fallout series have had huge spikes in player count, with one of those titles being New Vegas. Taking place in the harrowing world of a post-apocalyptic Mojave Desert, New Vegas is regarded by many as one of the best entries in the franchise. From the soundtrack to the aesthetic, New Vegas embraces some real cowboy energy, which could have a fascinating connection to the TV series.

Spoilers ahead for the Fallout TV series

A Reddit user known as cjf0673 shared a post to the Fallout subreddit that theorized about whether Victor could possibly be connected to Cooper Howard's role as the sheriff in The Man From Deadhorse or not. For those who have seen the Fallout TV series, Cooper Howard is one of the main characters played by actor Walton Goggins. Before nuclear war broke out, Cooper was an actor known for his work in westerns.

New Vegas' Victor and Cooper Howard Theory

In New Vegas, Victor is a Securitron, but despite the character being a robot, Victor takes on the personality of an old west cowboy. Victor's screen projects the face of a retro cowboy that looks quite similar to the likeness of Cooper Howard when he's dressed in his cowboy costume. The theory suggests that Victor was modeled after the famous actor and his Hollywood roles. Although Cooper eventually becomes a Ghoul, it's easy to imagine that his appearance before the events of the war could have inspired RobCo Industries during the creation of Victor.

Despite this likely just being a huge coincidence, it adds an even deeper layer to the lore of not only New Vegas, but Fallout as a whole. Since there has been a lot of reignited interest in the Fallout games, some players have been looking for little details that connect the games to the show. The Fallout TV series itself is filled with great callbacks to the games, and although theories like these are just mere coincidence, watching the live-action adaptation can create compelling new takes on long-established characters and features.

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