Fallout Shelter: How to Get & Use Radio Studio

In Fallout Shelter, the Radio Station can help draw in new Dwellers for your Vault, making it a room you should prioritize adding ASAP.

Fallout Shelter: How to Get & Use Radio Studio

In Fallout Shelter, you will need to ensure that you can maintain the number of Dwellers in your Vault. Doing so will make sure you can assign workers to all rooms in your Vault, and generate enough resources to continue living.

On top of this, many rooms and progressions have prerequisites to being unlocked that involves hosting a certain number of Dwellers in your Vault at a time. For this reason, knowing how to obtain and begin using the Radio Shelter as soon as possible in Fallout Shelter will enable your Vault to benefit from this facility the most.

How to Get & Use the Radio Studio in Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter: How to Get & Use Radio Studio

As a prerequisite to unlocking the Radio Studio in Fallout Shelter, you will first need to obtain and maintain 20 Vault Dwellers. To reach this number as soon as possible, it's best to complete Quests that provide Lunchboxes for a chance to draw additional Dwellers, as well as building, merging, and upgrading your Living Quarters to enable your Dwellers to start families of their own, creating additional Dwellers without any outside recruitment.

After meeting this requirement, you will then need to unlock the Radio Studio and build the initial first room for 600 Caps. Once this room has been added to your Vault, you can begin to use the Radio Studio by simply dragging any two Dwellers of your choice to assign them to this room. To ensure you have the best workers for the job, you should prioritize adding Dwellers with a strong Charisma stat to this facility, as it utilizes this SPECIAL skill.

When one or more Dwellers are assigned to this space, the Radio Studio will automatically broadcast to the Wasteland, potentially drawing in new Dwellers to your Vault. However, to avoid overcrowding and other issues involving your Dwellers, you can simply toggle this on and off at any point that you wish by clicking into the room and flipping the 'Wasteland' switch to 'Vault'. Lastly, as you merge the Radio Studio into a double or triple room, more workers will be eligible to operate the premises. A double room can host up to four assigned Dwellers, while a triple Radio Studio can host up to six Dwellers at a time.

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