Famous Disney Princesses Get an Official Anime Makeover

These iconic Disney Princesses got an incredible anime makeover thanks to a new cafe.

Famous Disney Princesses Get an Official Anime Makeover


  • Disney is beloved in Japan, with special anime-style art of princesses like Cinderella and Ariel gaining popularity.
  • Oh My Cafe in Shibuya offers themed food and merchandise featuring manga-style Disney Princesses for fans to enjoy.
  • Exclusive to Japan, this special collaboration features official artwork that reimagines well-known Disney characters in a new light.

Japanese anime, manga, and games are popular in Japan, but Western media also has its place in Japanese pop culture. One of the most popular companies in the country is Disney, and Disney characters, movies, and theme parks are beloved by a huge number of people in Japan. Disney spans across ages, genders, and walks of life in modern Japan, with all kinds of different fans.

While most Disney media and merchandise in Japan is not altered from its original form and still appears the same way it does in other countries, sometimes special versions are made that are exclusive to Japan. That is the exact case with some new artwork that has been released in Japan that imagines some of the most famous Disney princesses in a fun new way — as anime or manga characters. This new artwork takes characters that most people already recognize and know, and gives them a special new twist.

Where Can You See the Anime-Style Disney Princesses?

Famous Disney Princesses Get an Official Anime Makeover

While there is plenty of fanart out there of Disney princesses in anime or manga form, what makes this particular set of artwork special is that it is official. The new princess art is part of a special collaboration at a cafe called Oh My Cafe called "Manga Princess." Oh My Cafe rotates its theme every few months. Past collaborations the cafe has done include both Japanese and Western media, such as Jurassic World, Star Wars, Tokyo Ghoul, and even Pokémon. It has also done several Disney collaborations before, including Toy Story, Tangled (called Rapunzel in Japan), Winnie the Pooh, and more.

Oh My Cafe always makes special themed food and drinks, along with exclusive merchandise and decorations, to fit each theme. But in the past, when it has done Disney collaborations, it has not altered the art's original style. That is what makes the Manga Princess cafe really stand out, because it has given a Japanese pop culture twist to characters that many people already know and love.

The five princesses that have been chosen for the Manga Princess are Cinderella (Cinderella), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Tiana (The Princess and the Frog), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), and Snow White (Snow White). All five of these leading ladies have been turned into shojo-style manga characters, complete with big signature sparkling eyes and blushing cheeks. Even though the title of the cafe is Manga Princess, all the artwork is in full color.

Can I Buy the Official Manga-Style Disney Artwork?

Famous Disney Princesses Get an Official Anime Makeover

Since Manga Princess is a theme cafe, of course there is some great merchandise that you can pick up if you are a fan of the style. Some of the merchandise featuring these anime-style Disney princesses are key chains, badges, stickers, hand towels, file folders, and memo pads. Some of the merchandise has all the characters on it, along with a few animal friends for Ariel and Cinderella, but the smaller items like key chains and badges have only one character — and it is random, so you don't know who you are going to get until you open it.

There is also special manga-style Disney Princess food and drinks. All the menu items are very cute, like heart-shaped princess curry, colorful fruit toast, and pasta, where you can choose your flavor of sauce based on the color of your favorite princess. There are also fruit drinks based on the princesses' signature colors, and each comes with a muddler with a charm of that princess in her manga-style art on it.

Even if you are not in Japan during the time that the Manga Princess cafe is open, you can still enjoy seeing the cute new art that was made for it. The style is undeniably like a manga or anime, and it is fun to see characters that we know so well imagined in a new and fun way. Considering how popular Disney is in Japan, we have no doubt that the Manga Princess cafe will be really popular, and we are happy to see some official new art in such a special style because of it.

The Disney Manga Princess cafe at Oh My Cafe will run from April 26th, 2024 to June 9th, 2024, in Shibuya, Tokyo. You can make a reservation now on the official website.

Source: Oh My Cafe

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