Final Fantasy 14 Announces Changes to Player Blacklist

During the 14-Hour Broadcast, Final Fantasy 14 confirms that a significant upgrade to the player blacklist feature will arrive in Dawntrail.

Final Fantasy 14 Announces Changes to Player Blacklist


  • New blacklist upgrades in Dawntrail will hide blacklisted character models from sight for better player experience.
  • Additional features like mute list, term filter, and estate expulsion enhance player control in Final Fantasy 14.
  • Players can customize gameplay with enhanced lodestone privacy settings in the upcoming Dawntrail update.

Final Fantasy 14 producer and director Naoki Yoshida stated that the player blacklist feature will receive upgrades in Dawntrail, with some enhancements going as far as removing blacklisted character models from sight. The changes to Final Fantasy 14's blacklist will also include a new mute list and term filter for players to use.

Within the first hours of the 14-hour broadcast, Yoshida and global community producer Toshio Murouchi discussed Final Fantasy 14's graphical update during the 80th Letter From the Producer Live segment. Among the items announced was the long-awaited Dawntrail PC Benchmark that players can download starting Sunday, April 14 at 3:00 AM Eastern, and players can create Female Hrothgar character data to use once Dawntrail is fully released. Yoshida and Murouchi showed off some graphical update features players can use. From new antialiasing and soft shadow options to upscaling with AMD FSR and Nvidia DLSS technologies, players will have more ways to customize Final Fantasy 14 to suit their needs.

But, another feature coming to Final Fantasy 14 gave players cause for excitement. During the ninth annual 14-Hour Broadcast, Yoshida and Murouchi confirmed that the blacklist feature would receive significant improvements. When a character is added to a player's blacklist, the character model will be hidden from sight, and this will apply to all characters on the blacklisted player's account from Dawntrail and on. While rare, it will still be possible for blacklisted players to show up for instanced duties when visibility is necessary, but their names will display as "unknown" as a compromise. The blacklist limit will remain at 200 characters.

Final Fantasy 14's Blacklist Upgrades Arriving in Dawntrail

  • Enhanced Blacklist Functionality
  • Mute List
  • Term Filter
  • Estate Expulsion Feature
  • Enhanced Lodestone Privacy Settings

The new Mute List will allow players to silence 200 players separately from the blacklist, and it will hide chat messages while keeping their character name and model on display. In addition, a new Term Filter will allow players to censor certain words and terms from their game client, resulting in messages containing those terms being shown in certain circumstances. Final Fantasy 14 players who own a personal or free company house will be able to expel unwanted guests for up to 10 days, and house owners can assign up to four other company members or housemates to act as enforcers of the expulsion policy.

Finally, players will also be able to hide their Lodestone character data from being seen by others outside their friend list or free company. Though these features will not be out until Dawntrail is released, it remains to be seen how Final Fantasy 14 players will take advantage of the new blacklist.

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