Final Fantasy Moogle Board Game Announced

Square Enix unveils a new moogle-themed board game inspired by characters from the classic PlayStation 2 RPG Final Fantasy 12.

Final Fantasy Moogle Board Game Announced

Square Enix has formally unveiled a moogle-themed board game based off of characters from the acclaimed PS2 title Final Fantasy 12. This certainly isn't the bombastic Final Fantasy 12 remake announcement some fans may have been hoping for. However, it's at least a nice reminder that Square Enix hasn't entirely forgotten about the world of Ivalice and the games that take place within it.

Unlike its more popular sibling, Final Fantasy 7, the Final Fantasy 12 subseries has been a bit on the wayside in recent years. The last time fans got a chance to return to the land of Ivalice was in Stormblood, the second expansion pack for the hit MMO Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. That was released back in 2017, so it's been a while since Square Enix properly revisited Final Fantasy 12. Unfortunately, gamers may still have to wait several more years before they get any new successors to the timeless PS2 RPG. However, as is typical of the Japanese publisher, fans at least have a steady flow of new Final Fantasy-themed merchandise to look forward to. And with Square Enix's latest announcement in particular, it seems like some Final Fantasy 12 fans could be in for a treat.

Square Enix announced that it's currently creating a new Final Fantasy 12-themed board game that'll have no shortage of adorable moogle artwork. The board game in question, tentatively titled Final Fantasy: The Six Moogle Siblings’ Mob Hunt, is set to be featured at the upcoming Game Market 2024 Spring event in Tokyo, Japan from April 27-28. A trial session for the board game will be held at the convention, meaning visitors will be able to try the game out for themselves before it gets released to the public.

A New Final Fantasy 12-Themed Board Game Is Coming Soon

Square Enix didn't provide many specifics on how to play this Final Fantasy Ivalice Alliance-themed board game. However, it did publish images of six cards that will be used in the set. Translated into English, these cards read:

  • Montblanc: [When the game ends] +2VP on victory
  • Van (a.k.a. Vaan): [Face side] This card can be moved to other fields during your own turn.
  • Morbol (a.k.a. Malboro): [When the game ends] Place a fatigue token on cards with original power of 7 or more when the game ends.
  • Hurdy: [Face side] Draw a card, and then send a card from hand to the bottom of deck.
  • Panelo (a.k.a. Penelo): [When the game ends] Remove all fatigue tokens from your own cards in this field. No more fatigue tokens can be placed in the future.
  • Pylraster: Nullify all [When the game ends] text in cards.

Though Square Enix did not mention whether the board game would be localized in English or not, there's a good chance that The Six Moogle Siblings will eventually make its way to the West. Other Final Fantasy board game adaptations received official English translations, so it's likely that this one will as well. In the meantime, fans can try out Love Letter, a similar card game made by the designer of this Final Fantasy 12-themed board game, Seiji Kanai. That way, they can get a taste of what to expect from The Six Moogle Siblings when it releases in the near future.

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