For Honor Co-Op Mode Now Available for Free

Ubisoft launches a new For Honor co-op mode for free, accompanied by an action-packed trailer unveiling its features.

For Honor Co-Op Mode Now Available for Free


  • Ubisoft's new For Honor co-op Arcade mode offers an interesting PvE experience for players to enjoy solo or with a friend.
  • For Honor features diverse historical warriors like knights, samurai, and Vikings, emphasizing skillful combat mechanics in multiplayer modes.
  • The addition of a free co-op Arcade mode demonstrates Ubisoft's commitment to evolving For Honor for its dedicated player base.

Ubisoft has recently launched a new For Honor co-op Arcade mode, accompanied by an action-packed trailer unveiling its features. This mode is now available for free to all For Honor players, offering an interesting PvE experience.

For Honor is a melee-based action video game developed and published by Ubisoft. For Honor is set in a medieval-inspired fantasy world that features a variety of historical warriors, including knights, samurai, Vikings, and more, each with their own unique fighting styles and abilities. Players engage in intense duels and large-scale battles in various multiplayer modes, as well as a single-player campaign. The game emphasizes skillful combat mechanics, including blocking, parrying, and executing precise attacks, making it a challenging yet rewarding experience for players who enjoy strategic melee combat.

Ubisoft unveiled a 1:47-minute action-packed trailer showcasing For Honor’s new Arcade mode. The developer's description of the Arcade mode highlights its versatility, allowing players to dive into the action solo or team up with a friend for intense 2-person co-op gameplay. All progress, experience gained, and gear collected in the co-op Arcade mode seamlessly carry over to multiplayer game modes, ensuring a cohesive and rewarding gameplay experience aimed at maintaining For Honor as one of the best medieval PvP games.

For Honor’s New Arcade Mode Trailer

Platform(s) PS4 , Xbox One , PC Released February 14, 2017 Developer(s) Ubisoft Montreal Publisher(s) Ubisoft How Long To Beat 8 Hours See at SteamSee at Xbox Games Store

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