Former Nintendo Employees Show Off Impressive 3DS Collection

The 3DS game collection of ex-Nintendo employees contains both first- and third-party games, some incredibly rare and pricey.

Former Nintendo Employees Show Off Impressive 3DS Collection


  • Kit and Krysta displayed their Nintendo 3DS collection, which includes gems like special edition games and sealed classics.
  • Physical media for 3DS games is now a rarity, with server shutdowns causing prices to soar, making game acquisition costly.

Kit and Krysta, ex-Nintendo employees, showed their impressive Nintendo 3DS collection in a video. The duo mentions they had the benefit of being part of the entire lifecycle of the Nintendo 3DS while working at Nintendo, which allowed them to amass a collection of 100+ items.

Nowadays, having a physical collection of Nintendo 3DS can be considered a privilege. After Nintendo shut down the 3DS and Wii U servers, handheld owners needed to resort to physical media to play new games or make do with the digital media they had previously acquired. However, the server closures have caused the price of physical 3DS game media to skyrocket, making the whole process of obtaining a new game for the handheld highly costly and often unfeasible.

That's why when Kit and Krysta showcased their impressive 3DS Collection on YouTube, many fans were left awestruck and with a healthy dose of envy. Their collection surpasses 100+ items and includes rarities like the special edition of Fire Emblem Fates and the collector's edition of Bravely Default, which comes with AR Cards that are readable using the Nintendo 3DS camera. As always, Nintendo introduced new gimmicks to its consoles, and AR reading was an exclusive feature of the Nintendo 3DS.

Former Nintendo Employees Show their Nintendo 3DS Collection

In Kit and Krysta's collection, they display a sealed The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D and Pokemon Ultra Moon that, despite their pristine condition, don't carry as exorbitant a price tag as one might think. On the other hand, they also have a sealed Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, which, according to the PriceCharting website, has an average value of $170 in mint condition, making it one of the most expensive Nintendo 3DS games out there.

Kit and Krysta worked at Nintendo as Director of Social Marketing and Original Content and Senior Manager of Creator Relations, respectively. They mention that Nintendo would offer them a copy when launching a new game because they needed knowledge about it. This allowed them to accumulate a treasure trove of gaming knowledge, such as when they commented that New Super Mario Bros. 2 was one of the first Nintendo games to have DLC.

If someone doesn't have Kit and Krysta's robust collection but still wants to play Nintendo 3DS games, one can only hope that someday Nintendo will start putting DS and 3DS games on the Nintendo Switch Online service. While some fans managed to preserve a load of Nintendo 3DS games and additional content, so far, there are no official and legal means to play the games on modern hardware.

Brand Nintendo Original Release Date March 27, 2011 Hardware Versions 3DS Original MSRP (USD) $249.99 Weight 3DS: 8.3 oz3DS XL: 11.9 oz

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