Fortnite Glitch Lets You Instantly Reboot Your Teammates

A Fortnite player reveals a new glitch that allows users to instantly reboot their teammates instead of having to wait like usual.

Fortnite Glitch Lets You Instantly Reboot Your Teammates


  • Players can instantly reboot teammates at a reboot van using Airbending glitch in Fortnite's Avatar event.
  • Epic Games may patch Airbending glitch before event ends on May 3.

A Fortnite player has discovered that teammates can be instantly brought back at a reboot van by using the Airbending mythic in a certain way. The Fortnite glitch is still live but will possibly be patched in the near future.

Fortnite's Avatar event includes four new mythics inspired by the show in Airbending, Firebending, Waterbending, and Earthbending. As is sometimes the case with new Fortnite items that add unique mechanics, players have quickly found various glitches with Airbending in particular. One new Airbending bug allows users to move silently while air wheeling and another lets players boost their field of view for an entire match.

It seems that yet another Airbending glitch has been discovered after Reddit user AxzoYT posted a clip to the FortniteCompetitive subreddit demonstrating how to instantly reboot a teammate. In the video, the player uses Airbending's air wheel while picking up a player's reboot card before wheeling over to a nearby reboot van. After they interact with the van, their teammate is instantly rebooted instead of it taking 10 seconds as usual. The user explained that one just has to "spam your interact key while airbending" to successfully perform the glitch. Another benefit of this bug is that the van remains silent during the instant reboot instead of making loud sounds like it usually does, which can be heard by nearby enemies.

How To Reboot Teammates Instantly In Fortnite

  • Equip Airbending
  • Enter into an air wheel and pick up a teammates' reboot card
  • Remain in the air wheel and spam the interact key at a reboot van

Fortnite's Avatar event runs until May 3, so that's probably when the Airbending mythic and other elemental powers will be removed. At the time of writing, the Airbending reboot glitch is still live. However, it's unclear how long it will take Epic to patch the issue, as bug fixes are sometimes released within a couple of days or not for a couple of weeks.

Recently, a different Fortnite bug allowed players to glitch inside player-made structures by using the Earthbending mythic. This led the item to become vaulted for a short amount of time while Epic fixed the bug. Epic could take a similar approach with the Airbending glitch if the studio deems it critical enough, but this is only speculation.

After the Avatar event concludes, Fortnite's next crossover brings Star Wars back into the fold, with dataminers claiming that a Wookie Bowcaster mythic item, Chewbacca skin, and Rebel Leia Organa skin are coming to the game alongside the return of lightsabers and force abilities. Rumors of future Fortnite collaborators include Pirates of the Caribbean, Fall Guys, and Metallica.

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