Fortnite: How to Find & Use Avatar Mythics

Bending techniques have arrived in Fortnite thanks to the Avatar: The Last Airbender collab, allowing players to easily decimate foes.

Fortnite: How to Find & Use Avatar Mythics

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Avatar: The Last Airbender and Fortnite have had a crossover in which players can acquire four powerful Mythic items in the form of element bending techniques, allowing players to harness the element of water, fire, earth, and air to damage their foes and grow one step closer to a Victory Royale. With this Fortnite x Avatar collab, fans of the shows and those seeking grand power in the arsenal of Fortnite will want to seek this weapon out.

Luckily, these bending weapons can be found across a variety of sources, and this guide will help players find and use each technique in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Updated on April 13, 2024, by Ashely Claudino: Before the start of the Elements event, Waterbending was the only element bending technique in Fortnite Battle Royale. When the collab event went live, three new techniques were added: Airbending, Firebending, and Earthbending. On top of this, Elemental Shrines were also added to the map, making it easier for players to find and collect their favorite technique.

This guide has been updated with information on the new looting locations as well as the new techniques brought with the Fortnite x Avatar: The Last Airbender collab. All of these items and locations should remain accessible until the end of the event on May 13 at 2 AM ET.

How to Find Avatar Bending Mythics

Fortnite: How to Find & Use Avatar Mythics

There are four bending techniques in Fortnite: Waterbending, Firebending, Airbending, and Earthbending. Each Avatar Mythic can be found as floor loot or as chest containers, but there is one way that players can guarantee they'll get their hands on their favorite technique.

When the Avatar Elements event went live in Fortnite, several Elemental Shrines appeared on the island. There are eight Elemental Shrines in Fortnite, two designated for each technique; gamers can head to a shrine, open the Avatar Chest in the center, and guarantee themselves a bending power. Each Avatar Chests drops two of bending items that correspoding to the Elemental Shrine's element.

How to Use Earthbending

Fortnite: How to Find & Use Avatar Mythics

Earthbending is perhaps the best element bending technique in Fortnite, as it provides players defensive and offensive strenght. While Earthbending is equipped, players can press the Shoot button to throw rocks or the Aim button to create a protective rock wall.

When gamers choose to throw rocks at an opponent, they will inflict a hefty 85 damage at once. If the player has no shields, it'll get rid of a good chunk their health in a single hit. As if this wasn't enough to make it a great ability, it has five charges, which only take eight seconds to charge, and gamers can carry more than one Earthbending items and use one item while the other recharges, as the usage cooldown does not apply to each one in the user's inventory.

The rock wall feature creates a sturdy wall of rocks around the player to protect them from any oncoming fire. This is particularly helpful in Zero Build mode where gamers have no way to defend themselves out in the open.

How to Use Airbending

Fortnite: How to Find & Use Avatar Mythics

Unlike the other element bending techniques, Airbending can barely ever be used offensively. Airbending is a great mobility item in Fortnite, as it allows players to quickly move through the island in an Air Wheel.

Players can also use the Air Jump move in order to propel themselves into the air as well as any nearby players. This can be used to deal fall damage to unsuspecting opponents, but it's not very pratical. Nevertheless, many players choose to use one of their inventory slots to take Airbending, as mobility is one of the most important aspects in Fortnite Battle Royale.

How to Use Waterbending

Fortnite: How to Find & Use Avatar Mythics

There's a layer of complexity when it comes to Waterbending, as it's not as simple as just pressing a button and laying icey waste to enemies. Players can actually enjoy a few features of the Waterbending:

  • Hurl sharp, icy projectiles at opponents
  • Heal steadily up to 100 Health
  • Regenerate Waterbending charges while swimming
  • Swim faster
  • Infinite ammo
  • 10 charges per reload

Whilst the ammo for Waterbending is infinite, players do need to reload their ice projectiles every 10 throws, or, just whenever they feel like it. The reload animation is nice and quick, but even better still is the damage output.

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