Fortnite: How to Get Appa Glider

Here is how players can get the Appa glider during the Avatar: The Last Airbender event in Fortnite.

Fortnite: How to Get Appa Glider

Fortnite and Avatar: The Last Airbender are collaborating once again, and this time, it has resulted in the release of an awesome, limited-time event with its own mini-Battle Pass. Players can earn all sorts of free rewards thanks to the Elements Pass. On top of this, fans who want to get their hands on even more items can purchase the Premium Reward Track and unlock exclusive cosmetics, such as the Aang skin.

Most of the rewards in the Elements Pass are obtained by collected Chi. However, that is not the case with the Appa glider.The Appa glider can be unlocked for free, but first, gamers will have to open Chakras to get it. This guide will tell players everything they need to know in order to unlock Aang's mighty bison in Fortnite.

How to Get the Appa Glider

Fortnite: How to Get Appa Glider

The Appa glider is part of the Standard Reward Track of the Elements Pass, which means fans can unlock it without having to purchase the Premium version of the pass. The Fortnite Elements Pass will be available until May 3 at 2 AM ET, so gamers have until then to collect the Appa glider for free.

Players must collect six Chakras by completing Elements Quests to get the Appa glider in Fortnite. To do this, they must complete four quests of all six elemental Chakra Quest set (located in the Elements Quests section of the Quests menu.) The next section will provide a more detailed explanation on how to collect and open Chakras in Fortnite:

How to Get Chakras in Fortnite

Fortnite: How to Get Appa Glider

Players will need to complete Elements Quests to collect Chi and Chakras, and this will allow them to progress in the limited-time Elements pass. To collect a Chakra in Fortnite, players have to open it by completing at least four of a Chakra's Quests in the Elements Quests. As the Avatar: The Last Airbender event continues, more elemental Chakra Quests will become available.

In total, there will be six Chakras, and as mentioned above, gamers must complete four of each Chakra's Quests to gather the required Chakras to unlock the Appa glider. Here are the release times for each Chakra:

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