Fortnite Island Code Lets You Play a New Invincible Experience

Invincible game developer Skybound Games shares the unique Island Code required to access a brand-new Invincible-themed Fortnite experience.

Fortnite Island Code Lets You Play a New Invincible Experience


  • Players can now experience Rise of the Sequids in Fortnite, which offers 10v10 infection-style gameplay on a new Mars-themed map.
  • To access the mode, which was made by Skybound Games, players have to use the Island Code 6860-5764-7093.
  • This collaboration between Fortnite and Invincible is not the first, as a previous crossover brought new skins based on characters from the franchise.

Skybound Games has shared an Island Code that allows players to access an Invincible-themed game mode in Fortnite. Rise of the Sequids, the new 20-player crossover mode, features infection-style gameplay and offers an exciting new way to play Fortnite.

Since Fortnite's release in 2017, Epic Games’ battle royal has blossomed into a vast phenomenon featuring cameos and collaborations, with seemingly everything and everyone from LEGO to Lady Gaga included. The current Fortnite x Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover event is well underway, allowing players to utilize powerful bending techniques in combat and acquire new Team Avatar skins and cosmetics.

Skybound Games’ new Invincible experience, Rise of the Sequids, launched on April 11, making it one of the latest additions to one of Epic Games’ best free-to-play games. Players can access the new 20-person game mode by entering Fortnite Island Code 6860-5764-7093. Inspired by the Sequid battle scene from Season 2 of Amazon Prime’s Invincible series, the infection-style PVP mode sees two teams of 10 battle for supremacy on a new Mars-themed map. One team takes on the role of humanity, who must prevent the enemy from escaping the Martian surface, while the other team becomes parasitic alien Sequids tasked with absorbing all humans into the hive mind.

What to Expect From Rise of the Sequids

  • 10v10 Infection style gameplay
  • A new map set on planet Mars
  • Use Fortnite Island Code 6860-5764-7093 to play.

Rise of the Sequids is not Skybound Games’ first foray into the world of Robert Kirkman’s renowned comic series. The developers have previously released the acclaimed graphic novel Invincible Presents: Atom Eve and the recent Invincible: Guarding the Globe mobile game. The same can be said for the new game mode, as it is not the first crossover between Fortnite and Invincible. Capitalizing on the building excitement toward the second season of Invincible, a 2023 collaboration allowed Fortnite fans to get their hands on skins of Atom Eve, Omni-Man, and Invincible himself. Skybound Games also developed the six-person Fortnite raid Invincible: Doc Seismic Attacks.

While characters from Invincible have already appeared in Fortnite, a recent twist saw the battle royale referenced in Invincible. The Season 2 finale of Invincible features a host of Easter eggs and references to other franchises, one of which Fortnite players will instantly recognize. During his fight against Angstrom Levy, Invincible is briefly transported to an alternate dimension where he picks up a distinctive weapon bearing striking similarities to the exotic Dragon’s Beath Sniper weapon in Fortnite. As inter-dimensional travel is certainly possible in both franchises, Skybound Games' new mode may not be the last time these two worlds collide.

Platform(s) PC , iOS , Mobile , Xbox One , Android , PS5 , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S , Switch Released July 25, 2017 Developer(s) Epic Games Publisher(s) Epic Games Genre(s) Survival , Battle Royale Multiplayer Online Multiplayer ESRB T for Teen — Violence Metascore 78 Platforms That Support Crossplay Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

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