Fortnite: Perseus’s Level Up Quest Pack — Token Locations

Here is everything gamers need to know about Perseus’s Level Up Quest Pack in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack - Token Locations

About a month before the end of a season, Fortnite tends to release a Level Up Quest Pack, which allows players to quickly increase their season level so they can claim as many Battle Pass rewards as possible before it becomes unavailable. For Chapter 5 Season 2, fans got Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack.

This guide will tell players everything they need to know about Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack, including its contents, how to get it, and how to complete all its quests by finding the Level Up Tokens.

How to Get Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack

Fortnite: Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack - Token Locations

To get Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack, players have to purchase it in the Item Shop. To find it, they must scroll down to the Level Up Quest Pack section of the Item Shop. Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack costs 1,200 V-Bucks, and it gives players access to a full cosmetic set and up to 28 season levels. The pack will be in the Item Shop until the end of Chapter 5 Season 2, so gamers who aren't able to get right away don't have to worry about it rotating out of the shop.

Once players have acquired Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack, they have until the end of the season to complete every quest. When Chapter 5 Season 3 goes live, the Perseus Quests will no longer be available, and any unclaimed rewards will become unattainable.

Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack Rewards

Fortnite: Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack - Token Locations

Gamers will receive the Perseus skin, his LEGO Fortnite skin variant, and the Perseus Quests upon purchasing Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack in Fortnite. There are even more rewards in this pack, and to unlock them, players will have to complete Perseus Quests.

Each week, a set of seven quests will become available. To complete each quest, gamers will have to collect a Mirrorscale Token. As they complete quests, they'll gradually unlock more cosmetic rewards. On top of this, each Mirrorscale Token collected by the player is worth a full level, meaning gamers can increase their Chapter 5 Season 2 level by 28 levels if they find every Mirrorscale Token on the map.

Here are the expected release times for each set of quests and the rewards upon completion:


Release Time



April 23 at 9 PM ET

  • Perseus skin (immediate)
  • LEGO variant of the Perseus skin (immediate)
  • Mirrored Aegis back bling
  • 7 account levels


April 30 at 10 AM ET

  • Mortal's Myth wrap
  • 7 account levels


May 7 at 10 AM ET

  • Shattered Harpe harvesting tool
  • 7 account levels


May 14 at 10 AM ET

  • Storied Hero alternative style for the Perseus skin

Since the Quest Pack is available until the end of the season, players have until May 23 at 2 AM ET to complete every Perseus Quest and get all of the rewards.

How to Find All Mirrorscale Level Up Tokens

Here is where players have to go in order to find all Mirrorscale tokens in Fortnite:

Week 1 Mirrorscale Token Locations

Fortnite: Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack - Token Locations

Here are the locations of all Week 1 Mirrorscale tokens:

Mirrorscale Token



The first token can be found by the eastern entrance to The Underworld named location.


The second token can be found nearby, on the left side of the stairs leading to The Underworld.


To find the next token, players have to keep moving forward and then turn left.


For the fourth token, players have to move forward, take a turn, and then go up the stairs on the left; they'll find the token near the torch.


There is another torch farther up left, near the southern exit of the underworld; gamers will find the fifth token here.


Players have to then hop down to ground near the torch, and then turn back. They will find the next token under the Underworld building, by the suspended prisoner cages


The final token can be found up ahead; it's on the bottom floor, by the northern exit of The Underworld.

Once players gather the first seven Mirrorscale Tokens, they'll be able to claim the Mirrored Aegis back bling.

Fortnite: Perseus's Level Up Quest Pack - Token Locations

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