Fortnite Vaults Three Main Battle Royale Items

Fortnite unexpectedly removes godly items introduced during the Myths & Mortals season for the Avatar: The Last Airbender event.

Fortnite Vaults Three Main Battle Royale Items


  • Fortnite vaulted Olympian items like Wings of Icarus and Thunderbolt of Zeus for Avatar: The Last Airbender event.
  • Fans were excited about Myths & Mortals season with unique items and Greek mythology theme in Chapter 5 Season 2.
  • Wings of Icarus, Thunderbolt of Zeus, and Chains of Hades will return on May 3 after being temporarily removed for the event.

Fortnite has vaulted the Wings of Icarus, the Chains of Hades, and the Thunderbolt of Zeus due to the start of the Avatar: The Last Airbender event. This Fortnite season, Chapter 5 Season 2, is also known as the Myths & Mortals season, as it's all about the great Olympian bosses and how they've taken over the Battle Royale island. Due to its exciting theme, many fans were anticipating its release back in early March; they were hopeful that they would be able to try out lots of unique items and explore completely different locations due to the wide range of stories and legends in ancient Greek mythology.

The Chapter 5 Season 2 Battle Pass did not disappoint the majority of fans, as it included powerful gods, like Zeus and Artemis, and menacing creatures, such as Hades and Cerberus. On top of this, it featured a unique loot pool, with mythic-quality items of an Olympian nature. The Wings of Icarus provide mobility and speed, allowing players to fly high up in the sky and descend with a damage-inflicting force. With the Thunderbolt of Zeus, gamers can strike powerful blows on their enemies. And lastly, the Chains of Hades, which were added later in the season, make it possible to pull players while inflicting damage at an impressive speed.

These three items belong in the Myths & Mortal season, as they are deeply connected to its theme. However, it seems that the Wings of Icarus, the Thunderbolt of Zeus, and the Chains of Hades will be unattainable in-game until May 3. On April 12,the long-awaited Avatar: The Last Airbender collab went live, and to make room for the elemental bending Mythics in Fortnite, the Olympian items had to be removed temporarily.

The Fortnite x Avatar: The Last Airbender event will be live until May 3, which indicates that on this day, the bending items will be removed and replaced with the godly mythics once again. Some players were unhappy with this unexpected change, but if this choice hadn't been made, the game would simply have too many powerful items.

When Will the Wings of Icarus, the Thunderbolt of Zeus, and the Chains of Hades Return?

  • May 3, 2024, at 2 AM ET

The Olympian items will be out of the game for a total of three weeks. Thankfully, players will have plenty to do until then to keep themselves occupied; this limited-time event includes its own mini-Battle Pass with tons of quests to complete and Avatar-themed cosmetic items to unlock.

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