Funny Hogwarts Legacy Bug Turns Lumos Into a Damage Spell

Lumos is a very basic spell in Hogwarts Legacy, mostly used to light up dark spaces, but one glitch is making it look like an attack spell.

Funny Hogwarts Legacy Bug Turns Lumos Into a Damage Spell

One Hogwarts Legacy player has recently experienced a bug that causes Lumos, the wand-lighting charm, to instead be listed as a damage-dealing spell in the game's HUD. Lumos is a well-known spell among fans of the Harry Potter franchise, but in Hogwarts Legacy, as well as the books and movies, its use is as little more than a magical flashlight.

Lumos is introduced to Hogwarts Legacy players very early, being taught in the game's tutorial section as a way of lighting the path ahead on the way to Hogwarts Castle. While players have uncovered secret uses for Lumos, it certainly doesn't belong in the game's Damage Spell category, which is denoted by a red border around the spell icon and includes spells that players can use to attack enemies directly, like the fiery Incendio or the air-slashing Diffindo.

However, that is how it showed up on the HUD of one player, Reddit user Rub_Remarkable, after they reportedly switched their easily accessible spell sets too quickly. Hogwarts Legacy initially only allows the player to preset four spells for quick use in a four-square grid, mapped to the four main buttons on the face of a controller, but the player can unlock more spell sets by spending the Talent Points they've acquired throughout the game. According to the Reddit user, the bottom spot (A on Xbox or X on PlayStation) had been mapped to a damage spell in another group of spell slots, and the red border denoting an attack spell seemed to carry over to the new group of spells, giving the illusion that Lumos could be used offensively.

Some Players Want To Attack with Lumos

While the display of Lumos as a Damage Spell was an obvious glitch, others responding to the post have questioned whether the spell could be used to legitimately attack Hogwarts Legacy's hardest enemies. While there is no way to increase the power of Lumos in the game, one person suggested that it should be able to receive upgrades. Several commented that it could see a new use as an in-combat support spell, allowing the player to blind enemies, while one even suggested that at a high enough level, the intense light should be enough to cause burn damage.

As it stands, Lumos' only obvious utility is to allow players to see better in the dark. That's not the spell's only in-game use, however, as one player has discovered a way to use Lumos to make finding Field Guide pages easier, so perhaps enterprising players will continue to find creative ways to make better use of the wand-lighting charm.

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