Gamer Creates Awesome Fallout Mixtape

A dedicated Fallout fan creates an awesome mixtape, celebrating some of the most iconic tunes from across the series’ history.

Gamer Creates Awesome Fallout Mixtape


  • A dedicated Fallout fan creates a mixtape containing several of the most iconic songs from the series' history.
  • They plan to create a volume 2 in the future, including even more of the most popular Fallout songs.
  • The success of the Fallout TV show is driving a massive increase in interest in the franchise at the moment.

A dedicated Fallout fan has created an awesome mixtape, which celebrates some of the most iconic tunes from across the series' history. Most of the music from the Fallout series comes from the 1940s and '50s, adding to its extremely unique tone.

Ever since Fallout debuted back in 1997, the series has captured fans with its individual sense of humor and extremely unique aesthetic. As a result, there have been plenty of amazing Fallout fan creations over the years. The recent success of the Fallout TV show has only intensified this fan adoration, with Prime Video's effort being hailed as a faithful adaptation of the game series. Just recently, a Fallout fan created an awesome Gamma Gun replica out of an old radio, paying homage to a classic weapon in the series. With the Fallout franchise seeing an increase in popularity at the moment, fans shouldn't expect these types of creations to go anywhere.

Redditor hawkingbird315 shared their amazing Fallout mixtape with gamers online, who were impressed with their ingenuity. The cassette itself features a unique Fallout design, and has been given the name "Wasteland Favorites." As well as this, it also comes complete with a fold-out track list for the mixtape. Side one and two both feature some of the most iconic Fallout songs that players can hear throughout the series, including tracks such as Sheldon Allman's "Crawl Out Through the Fallout," and The Five Stars' "Atom Bomb Baby."

Fallout Mixtape Fan Creation

While the mixtape is an amazing celebration of everything Fallout, some in the thread did point out some notable exceptions. Roy Brown's "Butcher Pete (Part 1)" isn't featured on the mixtape, although according to hawkingbird315, "I needed to save some good ones for volume 2." One user even had the idea for one side to be based on western Fallout music, and the other to be eastern, which prompted the user to say, "Maybe on volume 2." It seems like they've got some big plans for their next Fallout fan creation, if they do decide to create a true volume 2 for their mixtape.

At the moment, the entire Fallout franchise is benefitting from the success of the TV adaptation. Recently, Fallout: New Vegas reached a new peak player count on Steam, over 13 years after the game's initial release date. However, it's not just Fallout: New Vegas — every game in the series has seen an increase in player count of late. It's great to see even more people discovering the world of Fallout, and it'll be interesting to see if the ongoing hype encourages Bethesda to change its current plans for the next game in the series, with Fallout 5 still many years away yet.

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