Gamer Finds Perfect Use for Broken PSP

After finding a broken PSP, one creative gamer finds the perfect way to repurpose the first attempt at a handheld PlayStation.

Gamer Finds Perfect Use for Broken PSP


  • One Reddit user reused a broken PSP creatively, crafting a unique housewarming gift with a shadow box display.
  • Despite Sony's PSP not hitting the same popularity as the Nintendo DS, it still holds nostalgia for many gamers.
  • Recent buzz of a new PlayStation handheld sparks excitement, showcasing how far portable gaming has evolved since the PSP's launch.

Thanks to the clever thinking of one gamer, a broken PSP has been repurposed as a great housewarming present. Sony's first attempt at creating a handheld PlayStation with the PSP is now a relic of the gaming past, but this fan's creative way of giving the handheld console a second life is incredibly interesting.

For those who remember, the launch of the PSP feels like ages ago. Now nearly 20 years old, the PSP was a fun attempt at bringing a portable PlayStation to life. The PSP may not have been as popular as other handhelds, but it had a solid run and is still beloved by many gamers who have great memories with the console. There were some great games on the PSP, like God of War: Chains of Olympus and GTA: Chinatown Wars, but the portable console had some serious competition. Sony's PSP went head-to-head with the Nintendo DS, which ultimately became the more popular handheld.

However, there are many fond memories of the PSP, and one creative Reddit user known as DevotedResidency found the perfect way to reuse a broken one. While helping their brother move, DevotedResidency found the old PSP. Since the PSP was already broken, DevotedResidency decided to turn the Sony relic into a great piece of art instead of just throwing it away.

Broken PSP Gets Turned Into Special Gift

DevotedResidency broke the PSP apart, arranging and displaying the various pieces in a shadow box. There have been many instances of gamers finding their old PSP memorabilia, but this method of reusing the handheld after it has been broken is incredibly clever. DevotedResidency posted their work to the PlayStation subreddit where many comments have praised the creativity and thought put behind such a special gift. Some would just throw a broken PSP away, but DevotedResidency found the perfect opportunity to create a unique housewarming present.

Although this portable version of the PlayStation didn't reach the same highs as its competitors, there is still a lot of nostalgia for the console. With recent rumors of a new PlayStation handheld being in development, portable versions of the console still drum up excitement. Handheld consoles have come a long way since the PSP's 2005 launch, and after Sony's recent release of the PlayStation Portal, it would be fascinating to see another attempt at the original PSP concept. The PSP is a fun reminder of how far gaming has come, and DevotedResidency's gift is a thoughtful way to preserve the handheld's memory.

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