Gamer Makes Custom Stardew Valley Version of Clue

A gamer creates a custom version of the classic Clue board game set in the world of Stardew Valley, capturing the attention of the gaming community.

Gamer Makes Custom Stardew Valley Version of Clue


  • A player made Stardew Valley-themed Clue board game merges two beloved games, capturing the attention of gamers with a creative twist.
  • This custom version features iconic locations, characters, and murder weapons from Stardew Valley.
  • The reveal recieved positive reception and suggestions for a digital adaptation from excited fans.

A gamer has created a custom version of the classic Clue board game set in the world of Stardew Valley. This Stardew Valley-themed Clue has caught the attention of the gaming community, charming players with its clever blend of two popular games.

Stardew Valley, celebrated for its captivating pixel art and immersive farming simulation gameplay, has amassed a devoted following since its debut. Players immerse themselves in a universe where they inherit a run-down farm, tending crops, raising livestock, and building relationships with villagers. Stardew Valley's cozy ambiance and nostalgic appeal have transcended gaming, influencing various aspects of popular culture, from fashion to home decor, and now expanding into the realm of board games.

A Reddit user named oniononion489 has introduced to the Stardew Valley community a custom version of the traditional Clue board game. This version ingeniously reimagines the classic murder mystery concept in the lively Stardew Valley setting. The board showcases iconic Stardew Valley locations, such as the Pantry, alongside inventive new spots inspired by the game's rich lore. The player has also incorporated popular Stardew Valley characters, including Pierre, the mysterious Wizard residing in a tower, Marnie, Robin, Willy, and others, each assuming roles within this Clue experience.

Custom Stardew Valley Version of Clue

One interesting aspect of oniononion489's creation is the inclusion of custom game pieces representing murder weapons. The fishing rod, Robin's lost axe, the galaxy sword, fists (representing Pierre in a playful nod to his character), Mayor Lewis's "shorts," and a junimo all add layers of thematic immersion to the gameplay, connecting back to key elements and items within Stardew Valley's universe. The player has also hinted in the comment section of the post at future projects involving creating board game figures for every Stardew Valley character.

The response from fellow players and fans has been very positive, with many expressing admiration for the skill and imagination exhibited in the custom Clue board game. Suggestions to develop a digital version of the game on platforms like Tabletop Simulator underscore players' enthusiasm to experience this creation.

Despite its initial release being some time ago, Stardew Valley continues to evolve and develop. Recently, Stardew Valley Patch 1.6.4 was released, bringing new content and addressing various bugs. Notable additions include new mine layouts, a fresh cutscene, mystery boxes at the raccoon shop, and tree-specific drops tied to the shaving enchantment. Stardew Valley remains a highly popular indie game, receiving substantial praise and support while extending its influence beyond the realm of video gaming.

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