Gamer Shows Off Nightmare Before Christmas-Themed PS5 Console and Controller

A passionate gamer showcases their interesting Nightmare Before Christmas PlayStation 5 design, with many internet users showering it in praise.

Gamer Shows Off Nightmare Before Christmas-Themed PS5 Console and Controller


  • A custom-made Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired PS5 console and controller has been shown off online, and it captures the movie's charmingly spooky atmosphere.
  • The console itself features artwork of Sally while the controller focuses on Jack, making for a perfect pairing.
  • Tim Burton's original idea for the movie dates back to 1982, showing his long-standing passion for the iconic story and characters. Despite rumors of a remake or sequel, Burton has confirmed he won't be working on any new Nightmare Before Christmas films, valuing the original's perfection.

One creative gamer has captured the attention of people worldwide with a custom-designed PlayStation 5 console and controller inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, a beloved cult classic. Tim Burton’s gloomy but heartwarming movie has touched the hearts of many gamers around the world, with some even deciding to pay tribute to the story of one of the most iconic skeletons in media, Jack Skellington, in various forms of fan art.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was released in 1993 and turned out to be a huge commercial success with many critics praising it for its charming atmosphere and innovative use of stop-motion animation. However, few people know that Tim Burton first came up with the idea for the movie while writing a poem back in 1982. The plot follows Jack Skellington and his romantic interest, Sally as they attempt to find the true spirit of Christmas and bring it to Haloween Town.

A Reddit user going by the name of NiteMare_420 decided to share their love for Burton’s musical fantasy film by sharing a picture of their Nightmare Before Christmas-themed PlayStation 5 console and controller. The black and white colors dominate the photo, as the PS5 console featuring a detailed drawing of Sally accompanied by spooky Halloween skulls can be seen. A controller with the same design can be spotted nearby sitting atop a figurine of Jack Skellington. Sitting underneath the figurine is Jack Skellington’s adorable ghost-like dog, Zero.

The console’s interesting custom look was apparently achieved with the help of plastic-safe stickers. Many Reddit users have stated that all of these elements have managed to quite perfectly capture the melancholic but captivating feeling of Tim Burton’s not-so-scary Halloween movie. That being said, a few comments criticized the fact that the PS5’s console and controller have the same design.

Tim Burton Will Not Work On Any Other Nightmare Before Christmas Movie

In 2019 many rumors of an upcoming Nightmare Before Christmas live-action remake or sequel made the rounds as many fans expressed excitement for a modern take on one of their favorite movies. Nonetheless, in 2023, Tim Burton put those rumors to rest in an interview. The director stated that he wasn’t interested in working on any new Nightmare Before Christmas movies, claiming that the original stop-motion animation is already perfect the way it is. While a new movie set in the same universe will probably never happen, fans can enjoy another short story depicting the life of Sally in the form of Long Live the Pumpkin Queen, a young adult novel.

Release Date October 13, 1993 Director Henry Selick Runtime 76 minutes

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