Genshin Impact: Arlecchino Constellation Guide

Most of Arlecchino’s constellations are worth to increase her DPS output in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Arlecchino Constellation Guide

Genshin Impact: Arlecchino Constellation Guide


Genshin Impact: Arlecchino Constellation Guide


Genshin Impact: Arlecchino Constellation Guide


Genshin Impact: Arlecchino Constellation Guide






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Joining Genshin Impact's playable character roster as one of the Fatui Harbingers, better known as the Father or Knave, Arlecchino is a long-anticipated Pyro character designated to be the team's main DPS. With many previous DPS characters in the game, players may wonder if she also receives a significant DPS boost from her constellations, or if she is less resource-intensive compared to some like Hu Tao, who greatly benefits from her first constellation.

In Arlecchino's case, since her kit might seem quite complicated at first, it's worth evaluating the utility of each constellation to make a more informed decision. Here's what each constellation does, its importance in obtaining, and whether it's worth pursuing Arlecchino's constellations.

Are Arlecchino Constellations Worth It In Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact: Arlecchino Constellation Guide

In short, Arlecchino's early constellations are quite worth investing in. Except for her 4th constellation, which doesn't provide a significant change or increase in damage output to her kit, Arlecchino's constellations all focus on significantly increasing her damage output. Considering this, especially since constellations 3, 4, and 5 are not as worthwhile investments, stopping at constellations 1 or 2 will still provide considerable benefits for most players who do not want to invest too many pulls in Arlecchino. However, constellations 6 offers a massive boost, making it worth pursuing for players who are able and willing to invest more.

On the other hand, Arlecchino is still a strong unit even at constellation 0. Therefore, it is also worth considering focusing on obtaining her signature weapon instead of constellations if players do not have good alternatives to this weapon specifically.

C1 — "All Reprisals and Arrears Are Mine to Bear…"

  • Effect: Masque of the Red Death is further enhanced, the value of the increase is 120%. Additionally, Arlecchino's interruption resistance is increased when she performs Normal Attacks while affected by the Masque of the Red Death.
  • Importance: High

Masque of the Red Death is the state Arlecchino enters when she has over 20% Bond of Life, allowing her to deal increased damage with her normal attacks and provide Pyro infusion. Increasing the damage boost even further with this constellation results in a direct damage boost for Arlecchino, approximately a 20 to 25% increase depending on the team, while also providing added resistance to interruption. This can be quite useful for both defensive and offensive purposes, especially if players are not planning to utilize her with a character like Zhongli, who can significantly help with resistance to interruption. Overall, it offers a simple damage increase without adding additional gimmicks to her playstyle.

C2 — "All Rewards and Retribution, Mine to Bestow…"

  • Effect: Blood-Debt Directives are now already Blood-Debt Due when first applied. When Arlecchino absorbs such a Due, she unleashes Balemoon Bloodfire in front of her, dealing 900% of her ATK as AoE Pyro DMG. This effect can trigger once every 10s.
  • Importance: High

Arlecchino is able to obtain her Bond of Life primarily through her Elemental Skill by applying Blood-Debt Directives, which can later be absorbed from enemies to give her additional Bond of Life, thereby increasing her DPS output. With Blood-Debt Directives directly being turned into Blood-Debt Due instead of waiting for them to convert for 5 seconds, players can effectively increase the Bond of Life value she can obtain. This, as a result, will increase the amount of normal attacks she can perform between her skill and ultimate without losing a significant amount of her Bond of Life, essentially providing some utility and flexibility to her combo. Additionally, she will be able to unleash a strong AoE attack comparable to many characters' Elemental Bursts at a 900% ATK modifier, further enhancing her DPS capabilities. Overall, this constellation also provides a similar damage increase to her first constellation, making it the last worthwhile constellation to consider without going all the way to her sixth constellation.

C4 — "You Shall Love and Protect Each Other Henceforth…"

  • Effect: When Arlecchino successfully absorbs a Blood-Debt Directive, Balemoon Rising's CD will decrease by 2s and 15 Energy will be restored to her. This effect can occur once every 10s.
  • Importance: Low

This constellation, unlike the previous two, focuses on Arlecchino's Elemental Burst instead, which has less priority than her Skill or Normal Attack in terms of DMG utility. Since her Elemental Burst primarily focuses on healing Arlecchino and also upkeeping her Bond of Life, (which can also be done through her Charged Attacks), the utility of this constellation is limited. While it can be beneficial to have access to her Elemental Burst as often as possible, this primarily benefits her survivability, making the use cases of this constellation minimal, only for instances like soloing Spiral Abyss floors for players seeking to challenge themselves.

C6 — "From This Day On, We Shall Delight in New Life Together."

  • Effect: The DMG of Balemoon Rising is increased by Arlecchino's ATK multiplied by 700% of Arlecchino's current Life Bond percentage. For 20s after Arlecchino uses All is Ash, both her Normal Attacks and Elemental Burst gain 10% increased CRIT Rate and 70% increased CRIT DMG. This effect can be triggered up to once every 15s.
  • Importance: Priority

Like many DPS characters, C6 Arlecchino's last constellation also provides a significant stat boost, in her case with 10% Crit Rate and 70% Crit DMG, making her effectively easier to build while also strengthening her Elemental Burst. With this constellation actually converting the Elemental Burst's primary utility of healing to a significant DMG source that can be activated quite often, as well as the provided Crit Values, players can expect around a 40% DMG increase to Arlecchino, similar to an amount they would gain from combining her C1 and C2. With that, from a DMG point of view, Arlecchino's last constellation should be considered a priority, however also not a necessity especially if players are able to min-max Arlecchino's values with high DMG-oriented ratios.

Genshin Impact: Arlecchino Constellation Guide

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