Genshin Impact Chart Shows Sales Difference Between Neuvillette and Kazuha

A Genshin Impact revenue report reveals the sales difference between the two units featured on the ongoing limited banner: Neuvillette and Kazuha.

Genshin Impact Chart Shows Sales Difference Between Neuvillette and Kazuha


  • Neuvillette outshines Kazuha in revenue, capturing 65.9% compared to Kazuha's 34.1% in limited character banner sales.
  • Neuvillette, a Hydro DPS, excels with Tome Of The Eternal Flow and the Marechaussee Hunter artifact set for high AoE damage output.
  • Kazuha, an Anemo support, suits most team compositions with crowd control and an Elemental Mastery boost from Freedom Sworn sword.

A new Genshin Impact chart has revealed the revenue difference between the two currently available limited characters, the Hydro dragon Neuvillette and the Anemo user Kaedehara Kazuha. As the game's playable roster keeps expanding with each new version of the game, HoYoverse has been featuring double banners in every banner cycle.

Genshin Impact updates are divided into two banner cycles, each of which features a different set of limited characters and weapons that are available for approximately three weeks. The first part of the ongoing Version 4.5 offered two Geo users, the new five-star character Chiori and the famous leader of the Arataki gang known as Itto.

A popular Genshin Impact stats website called has revealed the sales difference between Kazuha and Neuvillette. According to the chart, Neuvillette accounted for around 65.9% of the overall banner revenue, compared to Kazuha's 34.1%. The difference does not come as a surprise, considering that Neuvillette was released in Genshin Impact Version 4.1 and this is his first re-run. He is widely thought to be the best Hydro DPS character in the game thanks to a stacked kit that can deal tons of AoE damage. On the other hand, Kazuha is an Anemo user who can fit in almost any team composition that needs a neutral support. The banner also features a decent four-star lineup that includes Xingqiu, Yanfei, and Barbara.

How to Build Neuvillette and Kazuha

Neuvillette is a five-star Hydro user, which means that players who want to get their damage potential to the next level should try to acquire his signature weapon, Tome Of The Eternal Flow. This weapon increases Neuvillette's HP and CRIT damage while providing a powerful buff to his Charged Attack. Neuvillette's go-to artifact set is the Marechaussee Hunter, since its bonus effects increase most of Neuvillette's main stats, which are HP, CRIT Rate, and Charged Attack damage.

Compared to Neuvillette, Kazuha is a much more free-to-play friendly Genshin Impact character, as players don't need to invest too many resources to make him viable in almost any team composition. Kazuha's kit allows him to crowd control a group of enemies, shred their resistances, and provide a team-wide damage buff. Freedom Sworn is the best choice for this sword user because it boosts the wielder's Elemental Mastery while also providing a damage buff to nearby party members thanks to its passive effect.

Despite being released back in Version 1.0, the Viridescent Venerer artifact set remains the go-to choice for most Anemo users in Genshin Impact, including Kazuha. The Neuvillette and Kazuha Limited Character Banner is scheduled to expire on April 23, which means that players have a couple of days to acquire these two characters.

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