Genshin Impact Leak Confirms Sigewinne’s Rarity

A recent Genshin Impact leak confirms the rarity for upcoming character Sigewinne, rumored to be joining the roster with the Version 4.7 update.

Genshin Impact Leak Confirms Sigewinne's Rarity

A new leak from Genshin Impact is teasing the rarity for upcoming playable character Sigewinne, with the Fortress of Meropide's head nurse expected to debut in Version 4.7. As the HoYoverse RPG begins to wind down its Fontaine cycle, the newest region has brought plenty of new characters and content for players to explore. Fontaine has seen multiple map expansions since its debut and welcomed several long-awaited character releases, including Version 4.4's Xianyun and the launch of Arlecchino coming later this week. Now, another member of Fontaine's main cast is set to join the game soon.

First introduced during Version 4.1's Archon Quest, Sigewinne serves as the head nurse of the Fontaine region's Fortress of Meropide prison. Sigewinne plays a major role throughout updates to the main story following her introduction, helping the Traveler while performing their investigation within the prison. Sigewinne has also seen several rumors about her eventual playability in Genshin Impact, with leaks teasing her element and gameplay. Now, with Sigewinne expected to be officially revealed soon, leaks are confirming her post-release rarity.

Genshin Impact Leak Confirms Sigewinne's Rarity

A recent update shared by prominent Genshin Impact leaker FY Leaks confirms the rarity for Sigewinne's release in Version 4.7. According to the post, Sigewinne is expected to debut in Genshin Impact's Version 4.7 as a five-star character, suggesting she will take the spotlight on one of the update's gacha banners. The new confirmation comes as Sigewinne's rarity has been a point of contention from early leaks, unsure if Sigewinne would debut as a five-star unit or a four-star. Genshin Impact's Version 4.7 is currently expected to launch on June 5.

Sigewinne's debut in Version 4.7 is not expected to be the only new character, as another member of Fontaine's main cast is set to appear. Leaks have heavily suggested that Champion Duelist Clorinde will join Sigewinne as a new five-star character with the Genshin Impact update. Clorinde is rumored to be introduced as an Electro Sword character, believed to play the role of a DPS in Genshin Impact players' team compositions. Version 4.6 event newcomer Sethos is also expected to join the roster as a four-star character during Version 4.7.

With a plethora of characters believed to be debuting during Version 4.7, Version 4.6 will welcome one of Genshin Impact's most highly-anticipated releases. The update, launching later this week, will see the debut of Fatui Harbinger Arlecchino as a playable character, joining the game as a Pyro Sword character. Arlecchino is expected to be a powerful DPS character, with her kit looking to allow Arlecchino to put out high damage and act as a hypercarry. Arlecchino's release in Version 4.6 looks to be a tough act to follow for Sigewinne and Clorinde in Version 4.7.

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