Genshin Impact Leak Explains Upcoming Imaginarium Theater

The Imaginarium Theater is a new type of endgame coming to Genshin Impact, and a recent leak provides a detailed overview of its systems and features.

Genshin Impact Leak Explains Upcoming Imaginarium Theater


  • A new endgame experience is coming to Genshin Impact with the Imaginarium Theater, featuring trial characters and borrowed friends' characters.
  • According to leaks, each Imaginarium season will have special invitation characters, while players will need to provide their own characters for rewards in this new content.
  • With no time limit, players will navigate through stages in the Imaginarium Theater, strategically managing characters and utilizing optional events.

A new, permanent type of endgame is coming to Genshin Impact in the form of the Imaginarium Theater, and one reliable source has provided a comprehensive overview of its systems and features. While the Spiral Abyss has been a mainstay in Genshin Impact since launch, players have been clamoring for more variety when it comes to endgame content. Version 4.7 was expected to add a new type of Spiral Abyss, and this was eventually revealed to be the Imaginarium Theater.

Unlike the Spiral Abyss, the Imaginarium Theater will allow players to use trial characters, and they will even be able to borrow a Genshin Impact character from a friend's account. Each player will be able to designate up to seven "Support Characters" that their friends could borrow, and each character can only be borrowed fifteen times per season. The six "Opening Characters" in the Imaginarium will have trial versions for accounts that don't have them, but Genshin Impact players will be expected to provide a cumulative total of eighteen characters to obtain all the rewards.

Details on how the Imaginarium Theater works were leaked by HomDGCat, and its inaugural season will only allow Pyro, Electro, and Anemo characters. It should be noted that each Imaginarium season will also feature up to four "Special Invitation Characters" who can ignore these requirements. The Genshin Impact characters that will feature in the Imaginarium Theater are expected to be Wriothesley, Baizhu, Sigewinne, and Alhaitham. Unlike the Opening Characters, Special Invitation Characters will have no trial version, and players will need to provide their own copies. Given that Wriothesley and Alhaitham are due for a rerun, it's quite possible that both will feature on the Event Banners in Version 4.7.

How the Imaginarium Theater Works in Genshin Impact

The Opening Characters of each Imaginarium Theater season will have a 20% buff to their HP, ATK, and DEF, with this bonus even persisting in open-world content. The Imaginarium Theater will have eight stages, and unlike the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact, there will be no time limit. Players will still be encouraged to finish each stage in under 90 seconds, which will net them additional rewards. The first stage will only allow the six Opening Characters, and each subsequent stage will add a random Backup Character from the list of characters assembled by the player.

Much like the combat event from Genshin Impact Version 4.4, characters in the Imaginarium will start with two stacks of Vigor. Engaging in battle will deplete Vigor, and players will need to carefully switch out characters while carefully considering team composition. Each stage will allow players to choose an optional Event, and each Event consumes points. Events can provide an extra companion character, a useful combat buff, or even a debuff if players are unfortunate. Though more details are expected to arrive later in the beta, players will be able to challenge the Imaginarium Theater on their own in June 2024.

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