Genshin Impact Leaks Sethos Materials

Genshin Impact players can now see a full list of Ascension and Talent materials for Sethos, the upcoming Electro character from Sumeru.

Genshin Impact Leaks Sethos Materials


  • If the leak is correct, Genshin Impact players now know what to Ascension and Talent materials to pre-farm for Sethos in Version 4.7.
  • Sethos uses Trishiraite, a Sumeru specialty introduced in Version 3.6, and Cloudseam Scale materials.
  • 4-Star characters like Fischl, Bennett, and Xiangling can excel in Spiral Abyss.

A reliable source in the Genshin Impact community has revealed which Ascension and Talent materials players need to pre-farm in order to level up Sethos once Version 4.7 launches. While Clorinde and Sigewinne are arguably the main stars of Version 4.7, Genshin Impact has proven time and again that its 4-Star characters can measure up. Fischl, Bennett, and Xiangling are mainstays in the Spiral Abyss, while specialized supports such as Faruzan excel in their role.

For the majority of players, 4-Star characters in Genshin Impact can thrive in support or quickswap roles, especially with high Constellations. However, the Fontaine patch cycle has attempted to put a greater emphasis on 4-Stars being capable on-fielders as well. While Freminet caters to a niche playstyle, Gaming forms a powerful Plunge Attack core with Xianyun, who has enabled other characters such as Diluc to reinvent their approach to combat. Similarly, Furina has provided Noelle with a major damage buff, as the two characters have immense synergy between their ability kits.

Sethos in Genshin Impact is a continuation of this pattern, as he is set to be the fourth 4-Star male character in a row whose primary role is to be an on-field carry. While some were hoping that he would be a support for Cyno, given the role he plays in Cyno's second Story Quest, his ability kit can best be described as the Electro version of Tighnari. His Ascension and Talent materials were revealed by FouL on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, and thankfully, players can pre-farm the full list with relative ease.

Sethos Ascension and Talent Material List in Genshin Impact

  • 46 Cloudseam Scale
  • 168 Trishiraite
  • 114 Philosophies of Praxis
  • 18 Daka's Bell

Curiously, Sethos finally makes use of Trishiraite, a Sumeru local specialty introduced in Version 3.6. It was speculated to be the Ascension material for a future Sumeru character, and it would seem that the community was correct. Meanwhile, Cloudseam Scale can be obtained by challenging the world boss in Chenyu Vale, the new Genshin Impact zone introduced in Version 4.4. With Sethos making use of Daka's Bell to upgrade his talents, it would appear that Arlecchino will be the only character to benefit from the new Trounce Domain for the foreseeable future.

Version 4.8 is expected to add a limited-time map to Genshin Impact, and currently, no new characters are rumored to be launching before the debut of Natlan. Given that the new region will launch with its own world boss, as well as a myriad of local specialties, it may be some time until players have a chance to pre-farm materials again. As such, the three new Genshin Impact characters introduced in Version 3.7 offer a luxury that likely won't be seen until Version 5.3.

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