Genshin Impact: Petrichor Secret Interactions (Limited Task)

Petrichor has some secret interactions that players can only experience if they haven’t finished a certain quest in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Petrichor Secret Interactions (Limited Task)

Arriving at Petrichor for the first time in Genshin Impact gives the vibe of a ghost town. The place seems deserted, the people seem odd, and they look like they're hypnotized. The people in this dazed state are indicated by the glowing red aura around their heads, with the exception of one man who doesn't seem to be affected in this dream state.

Since the people are currently not acting like themselves, speaking to them will cause players to hear some unhinged conversations, like people watching the tower for incoming enemies, training and preparing for war, or even transporting goods to an ancient civilization. However, what makes Petrichor interesting is that there are some interactions that can only be experienced if players converse with the villagers before they remove this dazed state. The dream will end if Travelers follow through with the main quest in Petrichor, the Canticles of Harmony. Although there's no significant reward from this hidden interaction, and players can still earn the same reward by speaking to the villagers after they're no longer stuck in a dream, it's still interesting to see how the people act while they're under the influence of the ancient symphony. If players wish to experience all the hidden Petrichor interactions in Genshin Impact, then they'd be interested to know that there are three special conversations to encounter.

Father & Son Playtime

Genshin Impact: Petrichor Secret Interactions (Limited Task)

Walking around Petrichor while it's in a dazed state, players will find three A Ridiculously Common Branches in Genshin Impact. Give them all to Giovanni to earn:

  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x2
  • Guide to Order x2

Vinier's Strength Trial

Genshin Impact: Petrichor Secret Interactions (Limited Task)

Speak to Vinier and agree to give his training a try. Destroy all the stone pillars at the same time to earn:

  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x2
  • Guide to Equity x2
  • Fowl x3

Players can easily do this task using Blunt Attack, Geo characters, or AoE hits. The easiest method to complete the challenge is by using Genshin Impact Zhongli's Hold Skill.

Foscari's Transportation Problem

Genshin Impact: Petrichor Secret Interactions (Limited Task)

Head to the shore southwest of the Petrichor Teleport Waypoint and help the cowering Foscari. The man will say that he's transporting some goods and will reward players with the following items after the two Genshin Impact Fontemer Aberrant crabs in the vicinity are defeated:

  • Harra Fruit x3
  • Guide to Justice x2

Genshin Impact: Petrichor Secret Interactions (Limited Task)

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