Giant Pokemon Slowpoke Plush Goes on Sale, and It’s Expensive

The Pokemon Center reveals a giant Slowpoke plush for sale, but the price tag may have even the most diehard fans thinking twice.

Giant Pokemon Slowpoke Plush Goes on Sale, and It's Expensive


  • Pokemon Center offers pricey Slowpoke plush, raising eyebrows but satisfying diehard fans who crave unique Pokemon decor.
  • Pokemon, ranked as a powerful brand globally, continues to release sought-after merchandise like the 17-pound Slowpoke plush.
  • Despite rising prices of Pokemon products, company's value grows steadily, leaving fans and investors eager for more collectibles.

The Pokemon Center just revealed a brand-new life-sized Slowpoke plush priced at a whopping $450, leaving even the most diehard Pokemon fans questioning if their love of the iconic pocket monster is worth the investment. Just last year, The Pokemon Company International unveiled an incredible Sizzlipede chair for sale, and this new Slowpoke plush is once again providing fans with the opportunity to make a major Pokemon addition to their home decor.

One of the most popular brands on the market today, Pokemon has firmly established itself as a household name for audiences around the world. Economic experts have valued Pokemon at a second on global rankings of the most powerful licenses in all of pop culture, just behind Disney. As fans continue to seek out more merchandise to add to their growing Pokemon collections, a new giant plush has been released by the Pokemon Center.

Unveiled via the Pokemon Center online store, a 59-inch Slowpoke plush is now available for pre-order at $450, ahead of its full launch in November. Weighing in at roughly 17 pounds, this ginormous plush is over two feet high from belly to back and is almost 30 inches across. The huge collectible is said to be sized according to its official Pokedex entry, though the plush a foot larger than its in-game size yet understandably weighs much less. Photos of the dual-type Pokemon from Gen 1 show the incredible plush in comparison to a grown woman, who is almost dwarfed next to the massive pink creature. The product description states that the Slowpoke plush will "happily laze the day away" while acting as an "eye-catching decoration" and serving as a perfect reminder to take things slow every now and again.

Pokemon Price Tags Continue To Raise Eyebrows

Paying several hundred dollars for a giant plush may seem absurd to some, but others would consider the opportunity to own a life-sized Pokemon too good to pass up. While the triple digit price tag makes sense for the huge Slowpoke, some fans have noticed that the cost of certain Pokemon products have been on the rise recently. Some PokemonTCG cards have been valued and sold at upwards of $1000, leading many to buy out retailer stocks while others have tried to profit off of the theft of Pokemon cards. As Pokemon continues to grow in popularity, some fear that the pocket monster craze will lead to prices rising too high, pushing Pokemon products like trading cards and giant plushes out of reach for most fans.

The Pokemon Company has risen in value over the years, and the brand's presence is showing no signs of slowing. Merchandise continues to be a core demand among audiences, with new games, clothing, cards, and plushes earning millions of dollars each fiscal period. With the company working to satisfy fans and shareholders alike, it remains unknown if high-profile items like the Slowpoke plush will become more common or if low-cost Pokemon products will remain a priority.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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