Grounded: How To Get Eelgrass Strand

Several items you can craft in Grounded require some Eelgrass Strand, and here is how you can get it.

Grounded: How To Get Eelgrass Strand

Grounded's backyard sandbox is bursting with various natural resources like water and clay to discover and analyze, many of which possess exceptional properties to utilize in crafting. Eelgrass Strand is just one of these resources, as a grass material that repels water and binds resources together. However, you might find it challenging to get Eelgrass Strand as it's a plant that is often tricky to find.

Getting hold of Eelgrass Strand also has a necessary pre-requisite to be aware of to avoid wasting precious time searching the depths of the game's massive pond. There are also a few tips and tricks to help locate Eelgrass Strand, considering the range of dangers that lurk underwater.

How To Get Eelgrass Strand In Grounded

Grounded: How To Get Eelgrass Strand

Grounded's Eelgrass Strand is a tall green weed that reaches up from the bottom of the Koi Fish Pond near the Great Oak Tree. However, these Strands don't tend to stick out of the water's surface like the tall, brown-topped reeds do. To get Eelgrass Strand, dive underwater and look for a short,grass-like plant about halfway down or nearer the bottom of the pond.

Helpfully, it sometimes grows close to the reeds visible from the surface, so you could also try using these as a possible marker to descend from. Groups of Eelgrass Strands also grow close to the underwater plants that disperse water bubbles, which is helpful if you're looking to harvest a lot. The video below also exemplifies where to find Eelgrass Strand and how to harvest it. Watch out for dangers like the giant Koi Fish.

What Is Eelgrass Strand For In Grounded?

Grounded: How To Get Eelgrass Strand

You can use Eelgrass Strand alongside other resources to craft several different items in Grounded as listed below:

  • Bubble Helmet (Tier II).
  • Fin Flops (Tier I).
  • Fluid Flippers Smoothie.
  • Gill Tube (Tier I).
  • Koi Scale Chestplate, Helmet, and Greaves. This is one of Grounded's best armor sets at level Tier II.
  • Koi Scale Chair.

It's also possible to craft other items using Eelgrass Strand once discovered.

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