Grounded: Where to Find Termites

Termites in Grounded only appear in a small part of the yard, so they can be tricky to track down. Here’s how to find them.

Grounded: Where to Find Termites

Grounded's Termites belong to some of the sandbox games' toughest critters and possess some invaluable resources for crafting. However, Termites only stick to a small part of the yard, so you might find yourself stuck, wondering where to find Termites in Grounded. Fortunately, the journey isn't too long or treacherous once you know where to look.

Traveling across the yard to reach Termites might seem like a time-consuming and daunting prospect. However, there is a route that makes getting hold of Termites in Grounded a relatively quick and not too tricky task, provided you are well-prepared to defend against their aggressive and sometimes nasty attacks.

Where to Find Termites in Grounded


To find Termites, you must travel to Grounded's Upper Yard and look for the large Wood Pile in the top-left corner of the map, as pictured above. To reach the Wood Pile, head past the Grill and through the yellow grass zone surrounding a series of rocky crevices. It's easier to travel across the gaps in the rocks with a dandelion tuft equipped. However, you can also run around the gaps by sticking to the left.

Watch out for the highly aggressive Ladybird Lavae bursting from the ground as you navigate the terrain toward the wooden fence on the left of the yard. You might also spot a mix tape called 'Lullabies for the Masses' leaning against it. Follow this further along the top-right of the map to see a massive Wood Pile where Termites spawn within and nearby, such as Termite Workers and Termite Soldiers protecting the Termite Den in the Wood Pile.

Termite Weaknesses and Resources in Grounded

Grounded: Where to Find Termites

Termites in Grounded are tough insects and tend to fight in small groups of Termite Workers. Their acid attack is devastating, so it's best to avoid this as much as possible and come equipped with decent armor, plus plenty of healing items like bandages. However, Termites' weaknesses include Salty and Stabbing, but they are resistant to Spicy and Slashing. This makes the Tiger Mosquito Rapier or Salt Morningstar ideal choices for Grounded's weapons.

If you're early to mid-game, you may find ranged weapons like the Insect Bow effective at shooting them from a safe distance until you get better melee weapons. You could also try adding Salty damage to your weapons with Salt Globs using the Smithing Station. You could also try adding Salty damage to your weapons with Salt Globs using the Smithing Station.

Defeating Termites in Grounded can give you the following loot drops to use as resources in crafting:

Termite Species

Possible Loot Drop Resources

Termite Worker

Acid Gland Termite Part Tough Gunk

Termite Soldier

Termite Chompers Termite Part Tough Gunk

Termite King

Termite King Carapace Termite Chompers Termite Part Tough Gunk

If you are brave enough to delve deep into the Wood Pile to search for and fight the Termite King, you can use the Termite King Carapace to craft a decent armor set called, perhaps unsurprisingly, Termite Armor. You will also need resources like Tough Gunk to craft better weapons, armor, and some higher-tier tools in Grounded, making Termites some of the most valuable bugs to find and defeat in the game that aren't necessarily as challenging as other higher-level bugs with the same resource.

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