Helldivers 2 Dev Talks About the Possibility of Adding Melee Weapons

Helldivers 2 fans have been asking for melee weapons for a long time now, and the developers highlight their stance on the much-awaited inclusion.

Helldivers 2 Dev Talks About the Possibility of Adding Melee Weapons


  • Helldivers 2 fans might see melee weapons in the game soon, as developers hint at the possibility of their introduction.
  • Recent updates added new weapons to Helldivers 2, but also brought some drawbacks like increased fire damage.
  • The community's demand for melee weapons in Helldivers 2 is still plausible, with developers considering the feature's inclusion.

Helldivers 2's meta might change significantly in the near future, with the developers suggesting a possibility of melee weapons being introduced to the game. Fans have been asking for the addition of melee weapons ever since Helldivers 2 was released, and it seems like the developers aren't ruling out the idea completely.

The past few weeks have been quite eventful for fans, with the new Democratic Detonation Warbond adding weapons like the R-36 Eruptor and GP-31 Grenade Pistol to Helldivers 2 alongside a plethora of other additions. However, there were a few drawbacks as well, as a several issues seeped in with the new update. For instance, the increased fire damage is something that the community is not quite fond of, and the developers have assured fans that they will be addressing it. However, apart from the fixes, it seems like the developers might have some more exciting features in store for fans, which they have been demanding.

On the official Helldivers 2 Discord channel (via GamesRadar+), user sanest creeker enquired community manager Twinbeard about whether melee weapons are still a part of the developer's plans. Replying with a wink emoji, they emphasized how busy the developers have been lately, especially in the past month, with the release of several new updates for Helldivers 2. "Well, it's been a month, not a year. It might still happen," Twinbread adds.

Helldivers 2's Lightsabers Might Not Be A Distant Dream After All

That being said, it doesn't really mean that the melee weapons are coming for sure, as it is further clarified by Twinbread that the feature is still considered "plausible." Considering how packed things have been for the developers with all the crashing issues affecting Helldivers 2 and the balancing changes that are being introduced, it shouldn't be surprising if players actually have to wait a long time before the feature materializes.

What happened? Well, it's been a month, not a year. It might still happen.

While fans have been asking for a number of things such as improving the Flamethrower in Helldivers 2, melee remains one of the most demanded aspects. In a unique plea for the inclusion of melee weapons in Helldivers 2, a fan recently went on a spree to kill enemies using only melee attacks. Currently, melee kills can only be done with guns, but that's really not what the players have on their wishlist. Instead, players are hoping that they will get lightsabers and chain swords. With all being said and done, considering how actively the developers have listened to the community, it is likely that many of these wishes might end up becoming true.

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