Helldivers 2 Fan Builds Incredibly Realistic Cosplay

A member of the Helldivers 2 community is going viral after sharing photos of their incredibly detailed and realistic cosplay online.

Helldivers 2 Fan Builds Incredibly Realistic Cosplay


  • Helldivers 2's impact on the gaming world is impressive, breaking records and topping charts within a short period of time.
  • A passionate fan created an incredibly accurate Helldivers 2 cosplay, earning official recognition from the game's developers.
  • While action is key in Helldivers 2, cooperation and communication are essential for success against alien threats on hostile worlds.

A passionate Helldivers 2 player shared their impressive cosplay online, receiving an official endorsement from the game's development team. Community is a key component of any video game, and despite Helldivers 2 being released earlier this year, the game has already managed to develop a dedicated player base comprised of millions of fans.

Helldivers 2 is the direct sequel to Helldivers, a top-down shooter that was released in 2015. The sequel takes the strategy-focused gameplay of the original game and places it into a visceral and satisfying third-person shooter experience. Despite its limited time on the market, Helldivers 2's impact on the video gaming world is undeniable, with the game breaking records and topping both Steam and PlayStation 5 charts. Now, one fan is going above and beyond to show their support and to help "spread democracy."

Twitter user Galactic Armory has crafted an incredible custom Helldivers 2 costume, sharing a few photos of their new cosplay online. Due to how impressive and detailed the cosplay is, these images were also shared on the official Helldivers 2 Twitter account, reaching hundreds of thousands of followers. While fans may not actually be playing as the good guys in Helldivers 2, these futuristic soldiers and their recognizable armor sets have already become iconic, with this cosplay showing just how passionate fans can be about the game.

Fan Shares Impressive Helldivers 2 Cosplay

What truly sets this cosplay apart is how accurate it is to its in-game counterpart. One could mistake this costume for an actual photo of Helldivers 2 due to how accurate and detailed the entire outfit is. The creator also used official poses from Helldivers 2 for even extra detail. Armor plays a big part in Helldivers 2, with the game featuring many customization options for players to choose from. These items are obtained with both a free and paid battle pass called the War Bond. Helldivers 2 players earn medals as they complete missions, which can be used to unlock a variety of helmets, capes, and other armor pieces, like the pieces shown in this stunning cosplay.

While Helldivers 2 emphasizes action and hectic shootouts, cooperation and communication are both key to success. Up to four players are pitted against swarms of alien monsters and intimidating robot enemies as they embark on a variety of deadly missions. Players will also face plenty of planetary hazards in Helldivers 2 as they work together to protect Super Earth. The game becomes more exciting with each update, with Arrowhead Studios promising to provide continued support for Helldivers 2.

Franchise Helldivers Platform(s) PC , PS5 Released February 8, 2024 Developer(s) Arrowhead Game Studios Publisher(s) Sony Metascore 83 $40 at AmazonSee at Playstation StoreSee at Steam

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