Homeworld 3: How To Level Up Quickly

Leveling up your account in Homeworld 3 will take many attempts in War Games, but there is a way to speed up the process.

Homeworld 3: How To Level Up Quickly

Every player's account in Homeworld 3 has an account level that is tied to the War Games mode. This level does appear next to your account in the top right of the screen while navigating some of the menus and even after investing many hours into other game modes, it won't go beyond level 1.

Leveling up won't give any bonuses in the Campaign or Skirmishes but does offer in-game bonuses and boosts to a player in War Games. Some of these rewards even include different fleets which give access to different ships and abilities to utilize in the unique rogue-like game mode.

How To Level Up In Homeworld 3

Homeworld 3: How To Level Up Quickly

As players complete sections in War Games, they will earn XP and level up. A section is the area of space your fleet jumps to, containing multiple objectives that need to be completed before jumping back to Hyperspace. You don't need to completely finish all three sections of a War Game to earn XP and will be rewarded with XP for each section cleared. XP is earned at the moment whenever an objective is completed, with that XP being present in your account after a game should you be defeated, win, or even leave mid-match.

Before beginning a War Game players can add a difficulty modifier that will make that game more difficult but also add an XP modifier to make up for the added challenge. In total, there are ten modifiers that can be activated with each offering a 50% bonus in XP to a max of 500%. When a higher-level difficulty modifier is activated it will also activate all those below it with higher tier modifiers giving the enemy great advantages in-game.

Leveling Up & Completing Challenges

Homeworld 3: How To Level Up Quickly

Leveling up your account in War Games gives the player access to new fleets to choose from when starting a War Games match. These Fleets only have access to a limited number of ships from their faction and are much more limited than the fleets players use in the campaign or a skirmish. While each fleet is a usable option and can win a War Games match when used right, some of the higher-tier fleets do have much stronger ships and can make clearing higher-difficulty missions much easier.

In the Extra menu and under Challenges will be a list of various tasks players will need to complete across as many War Games as needed. Completing these Challenges will give players access to new and better Artifacts to be found in a War Game. With these stronger fleets and better artifacts players will be able to complete longer stretches of War Games and even win to earn more XP to quickly max out their account's level.

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