Homeworld 3: How To Place Mines

Mines lock on and destroy nearby ships and can be placed by a Hiigaran Ship in Homeworld 3. Here’s how they work.

Homeworld 3: How To Place Mines0

Homeworld 3's two factions have mostly different ships to offer different playstyles depending on what players prefer. For the most part these factions have similar ships with only variations in the weapons they fire but that doesn't mean there aren't any unique ships for one faction or another.

One of the more unique ships for the Hiigarans is the Mine Layer Frigate. This ship does exactly what players would guess and doesn't have a counterpart on the Incarnate side. This isn't just a unique ship but also a unique weapon Hiigaran players can utilize without a fear of similar repercussions from an Incarnate enemy.

How To Lay & Use Mines


Laying mines is unique to Hiigaran players as the Incarnate doesn't have a ship that does so. The ship is the Mine Layer Frigate and players will need to research the Interceptor, Corvette, and Assault Frigate before researching this ship. Mine Layer Frigates don't have any actual guns and will be left defenseless until they lay mines to defend themselves so it's best to keep them away from active combat areas when first getting set up.

Mine Layer Frigates have three options when laying mines: Sphere, Box, and Wall, hotkeys to L Shift + N, N, and Control + N respectively. No matter what formation is chosen, the process of laying mines is the same. An outline of the affected area will be displayed so players can best choose the area where mines will be laid. Once the location is selected the Frigate will move to the center of the chosen area and begin laying a mine about every other second to cover the area.

The Mine Laying Frigate will continue laying mines and replacing used ones until given a new command even when getting shot by enemies. Mines will target nearby enemies and fly toward them before blowing up. Mines will not stop tracking a ship once locked on and will follow a ship even if it flies well outside the initially selected coverage area.

Mines will stay indefinitely until targeting an enemy gets close and triggers it letting the Mine Layer move to another location and lay additional mines whenever needed. With their higher speed, some Strikecraft are able to travel faster than mines and continue to outrun them. Larger ships starting with Corvettes don't have this same advantage and can easily fall victim to mines and will often be quickly destroyed with only a few hits.

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