Homeworld 3: Which Control Scheme Should You Use? (Modern vs Legacy)

Homeworld 3 gives players a familiar control scheme along with something new to try if they want to branch out.

Homeworld 3: Which Control Scheme Should You Use? (Modern vs Legacy)0

Homeworld 3 involves a lot of macro and micro-managing of your fleet as you try to defeat your enemies. The 360-degree map offers a lot of flexibility in how you control your army but can also add a few levels of difficulty when trying to organize so many units in such a wide-open area.

Homeworld 3 gives players three different control systems to choose from Modern, Legacy, and Custom. Modern is the new controls specifically made for Homeworld 3, with Legacy being the control system from Homeworld 2, with Customize being something in the middle.

Modern Control Highlights

Get Up Close & Personal

Homeworld 3: Which Control Scheme Should You Use? (Modern vs Legacy)

Modern controls are a first-person free-flying camera. Using WASD Q and E, players are able to fly around the map and spin the camera with the mouse however they please. This makes for fast and free movements to see the game from whatever angle is necessary and get right up in the action. The movement of the camera can be a bit to adjust to but can let players get right up in the action to micro-manage their forces efficiently.

The complete freedom of camera movement can sometimes disorient the player and it can be easy to get lost with the camera but control groups can give locations to dart back to and reorient when needed. The modern system also tries to declutter the screen and has less visibility in terms of unit health and total icons of ships. While this will leave the player with less information it can help them focus on what is more immediately important. This control system does require the use of both sides of the mouse to command ships along the Y-axis of the map, but there won't be a noticeable delay when issuing commands quickly after some practice.

Legacy Control Highlights

Keep An Eye On The Whole Battlefield

Homeworld 3: Which Control Scheme Should You Use? (Modern vs Legacy)

Legacy Controls will have the camera staying back and getting the bigger picture more often than not. While the free camera controls exist differently, Legacy Controls move a bit slower but aim to give players a better overview of the map to know exactly what's going on. While micro-managing is still important to winning Legacy Controls focus more on macro-managing the entire army.

Legacy Controls also give players a lot more to look at on-screen by displaying all unit health bars that are selected even if they are full. Groups of similar units won't have their icons merged together to instead give players a more accurate display of numbers between their units and the enemy's.

Customized Controls

Mix & Match To Find Your Favorite

Homeworld 3: Which Control Scheme Should You Use? (Modern vs Legacy)

Customized Controls give players the freedom to pick and choose which aspect of each control scheme they like and make one of their own. A breakdown of each control's settings will appear side by side letting players know and pick which side their desired controls come from. Choosing and changing your controls can be done at any time in the Experience Preset menu, and can even be done in-game.

Platform(s) PC Released May 13, 2024 Developer(s) Blackbird Interactive Publisher(s) Gearbox Publishing Genre(s) Real-Time Strategy

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