Honkai: Star Rail Chart Shows Five-Star Waiting List for 2.1

A fan-made Honkai: Star Rail chart shows five-star characters that have gone over patches without receiving their own reruns.

Honkai: Star Rail Chart Shows Five-Star Waiting List for 2.1


  • Honkai: Star Rail introduces limited-time event warps to unlock new characters and Light Cones, but they only feature one or two five-star units.
  • Waiting list reveals popular five-star characters like Fu Xuan, Topaz, and Seele who haven't been featured in event warps for a while.
  • Version 2.2 update will bring rerun banners for Fu Xuan, Topaz, and Argenti, along with a new Harmony-type Trailblazer character and gameplay mechanics.

A Honkai: Star Rail chart shows five-star characters that haven't had rerun banners for months. Since its initial release, Honkai: Star Rail has received eight major updatesand brought a number of limited-time character banners, otherwise known as event warps. These warps wanted players to spend their Special Rail Passes to unlock their favorite units and Light Cones.

Event warps within Honkai: Star Rail are the only way to get the newest characters and Light Cones in the space RPG. They are always time-limited to three weeks, similar to banners in Genshin Impact. In every version, Honkai: Star Rail brings at least two of them, providing Trailblazers with fresh options to create their roster. The only downside to event warps is that they promote only one or two five-star units and Light Cones.

A Honkai: Star Rail chart, shared by BugWL on Reddit, shows five-star characters who haven't been featuredin an event warp for a long time. Fu Xuan hasn't had a rerun for five consecutive updates, while Topaz has gone over four patches without being featured ona banner.Honkai: Star Rail's Seele, on the other hand, hasn't received herown rerun since version 1.4. The much-awaited five-star characters also include Huohuo, Argenti, and Silver Wolf.

Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.1 Waiting List

  • Fu Xuan (five patches)
  • Topaz & Numby (four patches)
  • Seele (four patches)
  • Huohuo (three patches)
  • Argenti (three patches)
  • Silver Wolf (three patches)

The good news is that Honkai: Star Rail's next version will allegedly add rerun banners for Fu Xuan, Topaz, and Argenti next month. According to early leaks, they will bepromoted in different parts of 2.2, along with Penacony-based characters Boothill and Robin. It's important to note that these leaks may still turn out to be incorrect.

With Honkai: Star Rail version 2.2 on the horizon, leaks in regard to the upcoming content have emerged online. One of these leaks pointed to a four-star Harmony Light Cone being free to claim in the next version. Besides, some claimed there would be a new gameplay mechanic that could make bosses harder to defeat. As per the schedule, Honkai: Star Rail update 2.2 will arrive in early May.

Aside from rerun versions of Fu Xuan, Argenti, and Topaz, Honkai: Star Rail will officially introduce the Harmony-type Trailblazer, who will be unlocked as players progress through the story. Unlike any other character in the game, the new Trailblazer will utilize the Super Break Damage, which factors in break effect stat, character level, and toughness-reducing damage. It's safe to assume that this exclusive damage type will make the protagonist more effective against bosses.

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