Honkai: Star Rail Leak Reveals Mysterious New NPC

A new Honkai: Star Rail leak shows a new NPC that will arrive in the upcoming update 2.2 alongside new characters Boothill and Robin.

Honkai: Star Rail Leak Reveals Mysterious New NPC


  • Version 2.2 of Honkai: Star Rail may introduce a new named NPC Micah, according to leaks, who will join playable characters Boothill and Robin in the upcoming update.
  • Fans speculate Micah's design may be inspired by Micah Bell from Red Dead Redemption 2 or Genshin Impact's Varka, adding intrigue to the upcoming storyline.
  • Boothill, a cyborg cowboy, follows the Path of the Hunt and may potentially synergize well with healer Robin in team comps.

A new Honkai: Star Rail leak has revealed a new mysterious NPC named Micah that will be a part of the upcoming Version 2.2, which should arrive around May 8. Each new version of the game has its own beta phase that includes new playable characters, weapons, and regions, as well as NPCs.

Honkai: Star Rail's official social media accounts have already confirmed that 2.2 will introduce two new playable characters, Boothill and Robin. Their splash art concepts also revealed that both of them will have a five-star rarity, which means that HoYoverse will most likely spread their releases over two banner cycles.

A new post on the Honkai: Star Rail Leaks subreddit has revealed an interesting screenshot showing the character Boothill standing next to a new NPC. The character's name is Micah, and he will be a Gravekeeper. At the moment there are no credible leaks that indicate Micah's role in the upcoming storyline. However, many fans have already started jokingly referring to him as Micah Bell, the main antagonist in Rockstar's popular title Red Dead Redemption 2. Some fans even claim that this could be an intentional Easter egg, given that the NPC bears a slight resemblance to the infamous villain from RDR2.

Some fans have pointed out that the NPC might also be based on a legendary Genshin Impact character named Varka. He is the current Grand Master of the Knights of Favonious who's currently on an expedition outside Mondstadt. Despite being mentioned on multiple occasions throughout the main storyline, Varka has yet to make an official appearance in the game. This is why many players believe that the new NPC might be based on Micah Bell, especially considering that he's standing next to Boothill, whose design draws inspiration from the world of cowboys, which makes this theory even more believable.

Honkai: Star Rail: Boothill and Robin Team Comp Roles Explained

Boothill is a cyborg cowboy who belongs to the Galaxy Rangers, a group of powerful individuals who travel around the cosmos to uphold justice. According to recent leaks, he follows the Path of the Hunt, which is reserved for powerful DPS characters in Honkai: Star Rail that rely on dealing high amounts of single-target damage.

Another beta leak has revealed that Boothill could have great synergy with Robin when placed in the same team composition. Robin can apply tons of buffs to all of her party members, which could make her a very flexible healer who can fit many different team compositions.

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