Honkai Star Rail Leak Reveals New Character Lingsha’s Light Cone


  • New leak hints at Lingsha's Light Cone for their primary weapon in Honkai: Star Rail, focusing on AoE damage.
  • The leak indicates that the Light Cone increases the wearer's Break Effect by 60% and after an attack, one stack of Benefit that boosts all allies' SPD by 6%.
  • Lingsha expected to debut in second part of 2024 with new character Moze, specializing in single-target damage.

A recent Honkai: Star Rail leak has revealed a new Light Cone that Lingsha will reportedly use as her primary weapon. Honkai: Star Rail's Lingsha is one of the new characters to debut in a future update. She allegedly hails from the Abundance path, which means her kit focuses on dealing AoE damage. Not many details are available about Lingsha, but her silhouette suggests that she wields a polearm.

If early leaks are true, Lingsha will make her debut in the second part of 2024. She will allegedly arrive with a new unit, Moze, whose silhouette reveals that he wields a pair of daggers. Based on leaks, Honkai: Star Rail's Moze is a Lightning character whose kit delivers single-target damage. His path is currently unknown, but it's speculated to be either Hunt or Nihility. Fans can expect these units to be part of a brand-new story related to the Xianzhou Alliance.

The latest leak from Shiroha has revealed details about a brand-new Light Cone that Honkai: Star Rail's Lingsha will utilize as her weapon. According to the description, this Light Cone increases the wearer's Break Effect by 60%. After the wearer performs an attack, they receive one stack of Benefit, a special effect that boosts all allies' SPD by 6%. Moreover, the weapon increases all allies' Break Effect by 12% if the user's Break Effect exceeds 150%.

Lingsha's Light Cone Reportedly Increases Break Effect

Although the leak doesn't reveal the Light Cone's rarity and path, players can expect it to be a five-star Abundance weapon. Only characters from Honkai: Star Rail's Abundance path, such as Gallagher, Huohuo, and Luocha, will be able to unlock its passive ability.

Speaking of Lingsha, a new leak from HomDGCat has revealed that the upcoming five-star character can summon action bar events that last for multiple rounds. These action bar events reportedly provide healing, increasing the character's survivability. It's rumored that Lingsha will appear in the Wardance festivity in Honkai: Star Rail's version 2.4, which will be released later this month.

In version 2.4, Yunli and Jiaoqiu will debut alongside the Imaginary March 7th. The Astral Express crew will travel back to the Xianzhou Lufou to progress through the game's main story. In the same version, two five-star characters, Huohuo and Black Swan, will receive their time-limited reruns. The banner order for Honkai: Star Rail's update 2.4 is still unknown, but credible leakers claimed that Yunli and Huohuo will arrive in the first phase while Jiaoqiu and Black Swan will be obtainable in the second phase.

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