Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Boothill’s Complete Kit

A Honkai: Star Rail leak reveals the complete kit details for the upcoming five-star Physical user Boothill, who is arriving in Version 2.2.

Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Boothill's Complete Kit


  • Boothill, the upcoming new character in Honkai: Star Rail, is a cyborg cowboy who enhances his Basic Attack in Standoff mode.
  • According to leaks, Boothill's kit includes unique Skills like Sizzling Tango and Ultimates like Dust Devil's Sunset Rodeo.
  • With Traces like Ghost Load and Above Snakes, Boothill is set to be a single-target DPS character in Version 2.2.

A new Honkai: Star Rail leak has revealed the complete kit of an upcoming five-star character named Boothill. This new roster addition has already been confirmed by the game's social media accounts, which revealed his official splash art and confirmed his arrival in the upcoming Version 2.2.

Boothill won't be the only new Honkai: Star Rail character to arrive in this update as HoYoverse confirmed that he will be joined by the cheerful Harmony user Robin. While there is no information about their exact banner placements, Trailblazers can expect update 2.2 to arrive around May 8.

A new post on the Honkai: Star Rail Leaks subreddit has revealed more details about the new five-star Physical character Boothill, including his Skill, Ultimate, Technique, and multiple Traces. According to his official bio, Boothill is an extremely optimistic cyborg cowboy who drifts among the stars. He is also a member of the Galaxy Rangers, a group of powerful characters who wander around the cosmos and try to uphold justice wherever they go.

Honkai: Star Rail Leak Reveals Boothill's Kit

  • Skill: Sizzling' Tango — Boothill enters a Standoff state with an enemy target, enhancing his Basic Attack. The enemy will become Taunted and both of them will take 15-30% increased damage from each other. After defeating a target, Boothill obtains a stack of Pocket Trickshot, then dispels the Standoff. The unique Standoff state could make Boothill a great choice when fighting single bosses in Honkai: Star Rail.
  • Ultimate: Dust Devil's Sunset Rodeo — Boothill applies a Physical Weakness debuff to an enemy for two turns. It also deals Physical damage equal to 400% of Boothill's ATK and delays the enemy's action by 40%.
  • Technique: 3-9x Smile — After the Technique is used, Boothill inflicts Physical Weakness on a single enemy when using his Skill for the first time in the next battle.

Boothill's Ghost Load Trace increases this Honkai: Star Rail character's CRIT Rate and CRIT damage equal to 10-50% of the Break Effect. The Above Snakes Trace decreases the damage Boothill receives by 30% from targets that are not part of his Standoff state. The third Trace, mentioned in the leak, Point Blank, makes Boothill regenerate 10 Energy points when Pocket Trickshot is obtained during the Standoff state.

When it comes to Boothill's party role in Honkai: Star Rail, it's safe to assume that he will be a single-target DPS character. This should not be a surprise considering that most characters who follow the Hunt path are primarily focused on single-target damage. These leaks should still be taken with a grain of salt, considering that HoYoverse could make additional changes to Boothill's kit before his official arrival.

Platform(s) Android , iOS , PC , PS5 Released April 26, 2023 Developer(s) HoYoverse (Formerly miHoYo) Publisher(s) HoYoverse (Formerly miHoYo) Genre(s) RPG ESRB T for Teen See at Official SiteSee at Playstation Store

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