Honkai: Star Rail Players Aren’t Happy With the Relic System

Honkai: Star Rail players express their frustration over the game’s relic system, which they think is unrewarding and restrictive.

Honkai: Star Rail Players Aren't Happy With the Relic System


  • Honkai: Star Rail players criticize the relic system for being unrewarding and restrictive.
  • Planar Ornaments and Cavern Relics are crucial in character builds, with Cavern Relics offering dual effects for enhancement.
  • Players seek reworks in the game's relic system, suggesting the ability to alter relic stats and more uses for Self-Modeling Resins.

Honkai: Star Rail players have voiced their frustration over the game's relic system, claiming it's unrewarding and restrictive. There are two types of relic sets in Honkai: Star Rail, Planar Ornaments and Cavern Relics. Planar Ornaments, which can be placed in the Planar Sphere and Link Rope slots, serve as additional gear and provide some rare stats. Cavern Relics, on the other hand, boost the character's main stats like HP and ATK. Unlike Planar Ornaments, they have a 4-piece effect that makes the wearer even more powerful.

Both relic types are essential parts of character builds in Honkai: Star Rail. Similar to Light Cones, they have their own rarity, with five-star relics providing better stats than others. What makes Cavern Relics superior to Planar Ornaments is that they offer two effects that improve certain aspects of the wearer. For instance, Passerby of Wandering Cloud increases max HP and regenerates a skill point, while Musketeer of Wild Wheat boosts ATK and SPD by a percentage.

Honkai: Star Rail players went on Reddit to voice their frustration over the game's relic system, indicating that a lot of relic pieces usually go to waste. One player, who goes by Swift311, said they completed the triple-reward Planar Ornament event and could only obtain two useful pieces. They called the HoYo team to add the ability to alter relics' stats. Another player, who goes by DailyMilo, claimed they couldn't even get one useful piece after spending all their runs.

Many players think Honkai: Star Rail's relic system needs a rework because it is unrewarding and restrictive. Besides, some want the developers to give Self-Modeling Resins more uses; for example, they should be able to use these items to reforge relics.

Where To Find Relics in Honkai: Star Rail?

Cavern of Corrosion and Simulated Universe are the only two ways to farm relics in Honkai: Star Rail, and as players might expect, these endgame modes can be genuinely challenging. They feature combat gauntlets filled with a formidable roster of enemies. Both modes are unlocked as players progress through the game's main story.

Speaking of relics, a recent Honkai: Star Rail leak has revealed two new relic sets that will reportedly be released in version 2.2. One increases the wearer's Crit DMG by a certain value, while another boosts all DMG dealt for a few turns. One thing to note is that these are Cavern Relics, which can be obtained from the Cavern of Corrosion. Players can expect them to be available in the first portion of version 2.2 on May 8.

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