Horizon Forbidden West: Should You Choose Drakka or Yarra? (The Gate of the Vanquished)

Horizon Forbidden West players need to choose either Yarra or Drakka during the Gate of the Vanquished side quest, but which one is the best choice?

Horizon Forbidden West: Should You Choose Drakka or Yarra? (The Gate of the Vanquished)

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The Gate of the Vanquished is a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West and becomes available once players have completed both the "Thirst for the Hunt" and "The Wound in the Sand" for the Tenakth's Desert Clan. Compared with those that came before it, it ends up being a relatively simple side quest, though players will need to make a seemingly big decision before they can complete it.

Yarra wants to see Drakka punished for putting Scalding Spear's water supply at risk, while Drakka is hoping to overthrow Yarra in order to bring an end to her lies and poor leadership. Having previously helped both parties in the build-up to this point, Aloy finds herself slap-bang in the middle of the pair's conflict and must ultimately make a decision regarding which of the two to side with.

Updated April 13, 2022, by Tom Bowen: Whether or not to side with Yarra or Drakka is one of several decisions that players will need to make in Horizon Forbidden West. The choice is introduced during the "The Gate of the Vanquished" side quest, which effectively serves as the final installment in a three-part questline. Sadly, it's a choice that ends up having very little consequence once all's said and done, as although the person players choose not to side with does end up dying, the impact that their death has on the world of Horizon Forbidden West is fairly minimal. Even so, those wondering whether they should choose Yarra or Drakka at the Gate of the Vanquished may want to check out this guide to get a better idea of what exactly the choice entails and the events that lead up to it. With the game now available on PC, this guide has been updated to ensure that all of the information contained within it remains accurate and up to date.

Should You Choose Yarra or Drakka?

Horizon Forbidden West: Should You Choose Drakka or Yarra? (The Gate of the Vanquished)

Upon their arrival at the Gate of the Vanquished, players will need to speak with Jetakka, who seems keen to resolve the situation without bloodshed or violence. They'll then be given the option to either speak directly with Yarra and Drakka or jump straight into choosing a side. At some point though, players will need to select the "Choose a side" option in order to progress the story.

Horizon Forbidden West: Should You Choose Drakka or Yarra? (The Gate of the Vanquished)

Though there is an option to try and talk both sides down, Aloy's arguments end up falling on deaf ears and players will once again be faced with choosing either Yarra or Drakka. Neither is really presented as being the better choice, which can make things difficult at first glance. As it really doesn't matter who players choose to side with though, Horizon Forbidden West players can simply pick the one who they like best without having to worry about the potential consequences.

What Happens After Players Make Their Choice?

Horizon Forbidden West: Should You Choose Drakka or Yarra? (The Gate of the Vanquished)

After choosing a side, players will team up with the person they selected in order to take on the other one and their faction. This short skirmish will end with either Yarra killing Drakka or Drakka killing Yarra and the victor remaining or becoming the leader of the Tenakth's Desert Clan. Players will then receive the Firestorm Warrior Bow, which is one of the best bows in the game, and the "Chose a Desert Commander" trophy will unlock.

Horizon Forbidden West: Should You Choose Drakka or Yarra? (The Gate of the Vanquished)

The survivor will also give players an Errand a little later on in the game, but both the content and the dialog found throughout "Burden of Command" remain unchanged regardless of whether Yarra or Drakka sits on the Scalding Spear throne. With this in mind, the choice really is just a matter of personal preference, with the only real consequences being purely cosmetic.

How to Unlock The Gate of the Vanquished Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West: Should You Choose Drakka or Yarra? (The Gate of the Vanquished)

Before players can unlock "The Gate of the Vanquished" and choose Yarra or Drakka, they'll first need to complete two more of Horizon Forbidden West's side quests. "Thirst for the Hunt" and "The Wound in the Sand" are handed out by Drakka and Yarra respectively and serve as an introduction to the two feuding characters as well as the Desert Clan.

To begin the "Thirst for the Hunt" side quest, players should speak with Drakka in Arrowhand, which is located to the south of Scalding Spear. He'll ask for Aloy's help collecting some machine parts, which he plans to trade for fresh drinking water. Players can either travel with him to the marked location straight away or meet him there later on. Either way, after their arrival, they'll need to kill machines at a few different sites, harvest their hearts, and then return to Jetakka in Arrowhand.

Upon speaking with Jetakka, Aloy will learn that the clan's leader, Yarra is also in need of her help. Initially, she's reluctant to accept it due to Aloy having previously worked with Drakka, but she'll eventually cave and the "The Wound in the Sand" side quest will then begin. To complete it, players simply need to investigate the well with their Focus and then follow the pipes until they reach a mechanical room with some wheels and levers. Once there, they'll need to solve a somewhat simplistic puzzle to turn the water back on, after which, it's time to return to Scalding Spear.

Upon their arrival, players will be instructed to head to Yarra's chambers, where the Tenakth leader and Drakka can be found bickering with one another. The two foes will each argue their cases, with Drakka then going on to challenge Yarra for leadership of the Desert Clan. At this point, players must speak with Jetakka, who'll ask Aloy to meet him at the Gate of the Vanquish to help him resolve the dispute. It's upon their arrival there that players will need to choose either Drakka or Yarra.

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