How to Avoid & Defeat Bears in LEGO Fortnite

Bears are a terrifying addition to LEGO Fortnite with the Farm Friends update — here is how to avoid and defeat them.

How to Avoid & Defeat Bears in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite is a thrilling survival game mode that offers a more relaxed gameplay experience than Battle Royale. In this mode, players can build and upgrade their village, farm various resources, and craft tools and weapons to survive in the harsh world. Though farming is now a major feature of the game thanks to the Farm Friends update, and it's sure to switch up gameplay, players must be weary of a hostile mob that has appeared in the LEGO Fortnite mode.

Bears are one of the many animals to arrive to LEGO Fortnite with the Farm Friends update. Bears can commonly be found within the Grasslands and Frostlands biomes, and will occasionally sleep during their endeavors. However, unlike many other animals, bears are hostile creatures and can be pretty tricky to defeat if you fail to avoid them.

How to Avoid Bears


Bears are hostile animals that pack a serious punch if they manage to get their paws on the player. With that being said, it is often better to avoid them than to face them head-on in combat.

To avoid bears in LEGO Fortnite, gamers must sneak past them, as this will lower the player's profile, thus making them almost invisible to a bear that is unaware of their presence. This trick will work on both sleeping and roaming bears, but be extra cautious not to cross a bear's line of sight when they are awake. The default inputs to sneak in LEGO Fortnite are as follows:

  • Keyboard & Mouse: C Key
  • Controller & Nintendo Switch: R-Stick

Gamers can edit the Sneak action input anytime by heading to the LEGO Fortnite section of the Mouse and Keyboard Control / Controller Mapping tab within Settings.

How to Defeat Bears


Have you awoken a sleeping bear? Well, it is bound to happen sooner or later. Fleeing an angry Bear is quite a challenge as they are relatively fast despite their size.

To defeat a Bear in LEGO Fortnite, players should be sure to have some of their best weapons on them during an encounter. Swords are great for fighting a bear up close, but be sure to dodge his swipe attacks as they can seriously pack a punch. Alternatively, ranged weapons like Crossbows can also be pretty helpful for chipping away at their health.

Players struggling to take out a bear can attempt to distract it by either luring it to structures or other hostile animals, such as Wolves.

Once defeated, a Bear will always drop 8x Meat, but can sometimes drop Small Fry and other useful items as well.

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