How To Beat Gorgerzer in Biomorph

Gorgerzer is the first real challenge players will face in Biomorph. Here are some tips on how to come out on top.

How To Beat Gorgerzer in Biomorph

Fans of the metroidvania genre will relish the opportunity to take control of Biomorph's lead character, Harlo, as they look to restore their memory and leave the town of Blightmoor in a better condition than it was when they arrived. One of the standout features of the game is the weird and wonderful creatures that Harlo will have to face if they're to have any chance of survival, including some very tough bosses.

The first major boss players will encounter in the sci-fi indie hitBiomorph is Gorgerzer, a huge beast that boasts the ability to come at its prey with both melee and ranged attacks. Overcoming this formidable foe will require some quick reflexes and a sound strategy, and will test players on their knowledge of the skills they have learned early in the game. For players struggling against this beast, this article will guide you on how to defeat Gorgerzer in Biomorph.

How To Beat Gorgerzer in Biomorph

How To Beat Gorgerzer in Biomorph

As players leave Blightmoor for the first time after retrieving Boyd's wrench and upgrading the S.A.F.E., they will eventually encounter a huge boss creature that blocks their path in the game. This creature is called Gorgerzer, and is the first major battle Harlo faces in the game.

Gorgerzer has a limited number of attacks that can be anticipated, but they vary between melee and ranged strikes and can easily catch you off-guard if you are not prepared. The boss' attacking sequences are as follows:

  • Gorgerzer starts with a trio of ranged attacks, similar to the Fubirang Biomorph that Harlo can control, that fire in two rows. The first two shots are in sequence from bottom to top, then the final strike is simultaneous for both top and bottom.
  • After the ranged attacks, Gorgerzer will perform a trio of short melee attacks as they work their way to the other side of the room, then will walk to the corner and turn to face the other direction.
  • Once half of Gorgerzer's health has been depleted, it will also add an attack whereby they jump in the air and disappear, before dropping a barrage of ranged attacks at random that players will need to avoid.

The melee attacks are generally easy to avoid if you are familiar with the dodging mechanics in Biomorph. However, players will need to exercise great caution when on the receiving end of Gorgerzer's ranged offerings.

Overall, the battle is a simple matter of avoiding Gorgerzer's attacks and countering with some strikes of your own. To give yourself the best chance of coming out on top, it is best to utilize the Fubirang Biomorph, as Harlo and the Scarbyttle Biomorph both need to be in proximity to the beast to properly attack it. With that said, some players may find it easier to dodge Gorgerzer's aerial attacks as Harlo, so consider switching between the Biomorph and the main character when the boss jumps.

Tips For Beating Gorgerzer in Biomorph


While beating Gorgerzer sounds relatively straightforward in theory, it can be difficult to avoid its potent attacks while trying to cause some damage on your own. With this in mind, there are a few additional considerations players should make to ensure their victory is a smooth one.

  • Prior to the battle, or even after a few unsuccessful attempts, ensure you have unlocked the Fubirang Biomorph, so it can be equipped at anytime. It can be unlocked by defeating the indicated number of Fubirangs.
  • When Gorgerzer uses its ranged attacks, do not jump. Instead, use the dodge button to go underneath its attacks.
  • When dodging the ranged attacks, move toward Gorgerzer. This way, you avoid the risk of potentially being hit by going in the same direction as the projectile.
  • If you have suffered damage and need to heal, only do so when Gorgerzer starts its melee attacks. You will have enough time to replenish your health without risking further punishment and possible death.
  • When Gorgerzer begins its aerial attacks, do not use the dodge button. Dodging in Biomorph covers a minimum distance and is difficult to control (aside from the dodge direction), which means you can inadvertently dodge one projectile only to be hit by another one. Harlo and even Fubirang will be fast enough to avoid most projectiles, so opt to run out of the way instead.
  • Additionally, during the aerial attack phase, don't run back and forth across the screen. The projectiles aren't all specifically targeted at Harlo, so you can instead choose a small section of the battlefield to concern yourself with.

Gorgerzer Battle Rewards

How To Beat Gorgerzer in Biomorph

While experience points aren't really featured in Biomorph, there are a host of collectible items and upgrades that you will find along your journey, including the boss fights. As a reward for overcoming Gorgerzer, players will receive a Memento Socket, which enables Harlo to equip an additional Memento. This will give players an edge on the battlefield and will be a significant help in overcoming some of the tougher foes in the game.

Biomorph is now available on PC via Steam.

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