How to Get Berry Leather in Grounded

Berries only spawn in one place on the map in Grounded, so players looking for berry leather, will need to be ready to walk through danger.


  • Need Berry Leather in Grounded? Find berries in the dangerous southeast area, analyze chunks for crafting recipes.
  • Discover the importance of Berry Leather for crafting armor and items in the survival game Grounded by Obsidian.
  • Grounded features an arachnophobia mode for players who want to reduce the scariness of spiders in the game.

Grounded, the new survival game by Obsidian Entertainment, is out in early access for Xbox Game Pass members. This game is still in development, but there is a lot to discover and much to do in this early version of the game. Players will need to gather materials, craft tools, and buildings, and protect themselves against giant bug attacks.

Updated April 18th, 2024 by Russ Boswell: Berry Leather is a vitally important crafting tool in Grounded. Players will need to get their hands on the material to help them make certain items and armor. Although Berry Leather is fairly easy to make, players may struggle a bit to find berries themselves, as they only appear in one particular place in the Backyard. To better help players with how to get Berry Leather in Grounded, the following guide has been updated and it now includes a companion video.

Berry Leather

Berry leather is a useful material in Grounded that can be used for a number of crafts. Analyzing berry leather will give players the recipes for Super Armor Glue, the Ladybug Chestplate, the Ladybug Faceplate, and the Ladybug Shin Guards. This fruitful leather can also be used to make Spider Shoulder Guard, Spider Knee Pads, Spider Hood, Bee Shin Guards, Bee Shoulder Pads, Bee Face Mask, and Insect Hammers.

If players have arachnophobia, don't worry too much about the spider armor, as Grounded features an arachnophobia mode that lets players remove spiders or make them look much less scary in the game.

Where to Find It

Berry leather, as the name implies, is made from berries. Berries are large and blue, easy to spot in a mostly green landscape. They spawn in a single location on the map, so players will have to do quite a bit of hiking to grab themselves some. Bring some strong armor and weapons, though, because the path is a treacherous one. Players will also need to make an ax to be able to harvest the flesh from the berries.

The berries are located down near the house in the southeastern part of the map. This part of the map is dark, dangerous, and filled with orb spiders, so players will need to be ready to defend themselves to stay alive, on top of keeping their Grounded characters fed by eating. The berries will all be located in the same area, from the same bush. There will be berries on the ground, but players will want to bring a bow and arrows with them to be able to shoot down those berries still up in the branches.

Hit the grounded berries with an ax and then collect the berry chunks. Analyze the chunks and get the recipe for crafting berry leather. For each piece of leather, players will need three chunks, so make sure to collect a bunch during this long trek. Depending on what players want to make from the leather, they may need special tools like the workbench.

Grounded is launching in 2021 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Early Access is available now for Game Pass subscribers.

Source: ProGameGuides, SpyGameReviews

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