How To Get Deflecting Hardtear in Elden Ring DLC (Perfect Block Mechanic)

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  • The Deflecting Hardtear Unlocks The Perfect Block Mechanic
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The variety of builds and playstyles available in Elden Ring gives players a lot of choice over how they approach combat. But one thing that's been missing from the game is a Perfect Block system – Shadow of the Erdtree exceeds expectations yet again by finally introducing this incredible mechanic to the game's already-complex combat system.

Unfortunately, though, the Shadow of the Erdtree Perfect Block mechanic can only be enabled temporarily. This is because it is tied to the Flask of Wondrous Physick , and can only be enabled with a specific Crystal Tear. This guide explains how to get the Perfect Block crystal tear, the Deflecting Hardtear , and offers tips on how to master the new Elden Ring Spontaneous Guard system.

The Deflecting Hardtear Unlocks The Perfect Block Mechanic

How To Get Deflecting Hardtear in Elden Ring DLC (Perfect Block Mechanic)

A crystal tear formed slowly over the ages, where the scattered sap of the Scadutree pools deep within the furnace golems.

Damage negation and guard poise will be heightened in the moment immediately after assuming a guard stance.

Successfully executing a Spontaneous Guard will also strengthen Guard Counters.

The Deflecting Hardtear is a new Shadow of the Erdtree Crystal Tear that unlocks the Spontaneous Guard system, which essentially introduces an Elden Ring Perfect Block mechanic – a bit like the block system from FromSoftware's previous major title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

As long as you block at the precise moment the hit would have connected, you will gain an extreme boost to your Poise and damage reduction during that block. You will take a significantly reduced amount of damage to your stamina when Perfect Blocking a hit, but you will lose no HP and will also gain an empowered Guard Counter after you Spontaneous Guard.

The Deflecting Hardtear Spontaneous Guard effect lasts for 3 minutes, about enough time to finish most boss fights in the game.

It's a good idea to pair the Deflecting Hardtear with a Crystal Tear that helps break enemy Poise, such as the Stonebarb Cracked Tear, and Talismans that enhance your Guard Counters.

One nice thing about using this Crystal Tear is that, if you are skilled enough to successfully Perfect Block, Shadow of the Erdtree players don't have to use a Shield to completely negate incoming damage. You can still use a shield if you like, as it will help reduce damage to Stamina even further. But blocking with a weapon still completely negates incoming HP damage.

This works especially well with fast weapons and shields, like the

How To Get Deflecting Hardtear in Elden Ring DLC (Perfect Block Mechanic)

Buckler or the

How To Get Deflecting Hardtear in Elden Ring DLC (Perfect Block Mechanic)

Backhand Blade . Even though blocking with the Backhand Blade would normally mean taking significant Stamina and HP damage, if you block at the right moment, you will still lose no HP and take less stamina damage than blocking with the game's best Greatshields.

However, unlike in Sekiro, initiating a Perfect Block does not build the enemy's hidden Poise meter. You must still strike enemies directly, or Parry them, to break their Poise. But by using the Deflecting Hardtear, Shadow of the Erdtree players will have a much, much easier time staying aggressive in close combat.

As long as you have a tiny amount of Stamina to block, and have the Shadow of the Erdtree Spontaneous Guard effect active, you can stay in the midst of combat without worrying about being ripped apart.

Where To Find Deflecting Hardtear Location

How To Get Deflecting Hardtear in Elden Ring DLC (Perfect Block Mechanic)

To get the Deflecting Hardtear in Shadow of the Erdtree, you must defeat the Furnace Golem that patrols the Gravesite Plains.

Though it is not a good idea to go up against this skyscraper-sized enemy early in the DLC, it is surprisingly easy to knock it down and deal Critical Hits directly to its face. As long as you are able to jump over its stomp attacks, dodge its swipes and kicks, and don't get hit by fireballs raining down from the sky from time to time, you should be able to slowly whittle down its HP by attacking its legs.

To knock down this particular Furnace Golem, you can indeed attack its legs, though not all Furnace Golems have this weak point. After you break its Poise three times, it will collapse to the ground for a good ten seconds, allowing time to navigate around its enormous body and get to the face plate.

  • Melee builds can use extremely heavy Colossal weapons, and other high-Poise damage weapons, to break its legs pretty quickly.
  • Spellcasters should watch out for the Golem's attacks while they target its face, which will deal more damage than attacking its legs, but can be harder to hit.

Upon defeat, the Furnace Golem drops the Deflecting Hardtear, which can immediately be slotted into your Flask of Wondrous Physick as soon as you next visit a Site of Grace.

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