How To Get RadAway & Stimpaks In Fallout Shelter

In Fallout Shelter, RadAway and Stimpaks are some of the most important materials, so knowing how to obtain them is key to success.

How To Get RadAway & Stimpaks In Fallout Shelter

In Fallout Shelter, there are many different facilities, resources, and currencies that you will need to manage to ensure your Vault thrives over the long term.

Two of the most important materials to maintain as you develop your Vault are Stimpaks and RadAway. These items will come in handy not only for keeping your Dwellers working and generating resources, but also for exploration and quests throughout the Wasteland.

How To Get Stimpaks & RadAway In Fallout Shelter

How To Get RadAway & Stimpaks In Fallout Shelter

In Fallout Shelter, there are multiple ways to earn both RadAway and Stimpaks, so knowing each of them will be essential to maintaining a healthy supply to keep your Dwellers in good health.

Quest Rewards

The first way to obtain Stimpaks and RadAway is by completing various quests that you will receive as you progress your Vault, as some of these quests will offer RadAway and Stimpaks upon completion.

Lunchbox Rewards

In addition to earning these items through Quests, you can also earn Stimpaks and RadAway quite consistently through Lunchboxes. In Fallout Shelter, Lunchboxes can be obtained through either purchase with real currencies, or as a reward for clearing some quests — usually significant milestones, or bigger, more lengthy expeditions that can be found from the Overseer's Office. While there is no guarantee of receiving Stimpaks or RadAway in every Lunchbox, you should be able to obtain at least a few of each by opening several Lunchboxes.

Science Lab & Medbay Facilities

Lastly, the easiest and most consistent way to obtain RadAway and Stimpaks in Fallout Shelter is by building the facilities required to generate these items — and ensuring that Dwellers are assigned to these workspaces at all times to maximize output.

  • RadAway can be produced from a Science Lab
  • Stimpaks can be acquired from the Medbay facility

Why Are Stimpaks & RadAway Useful?

To keep a Dweller in their best state, you will need to have a solid stash of RadAway and Stimpaks, especially when it comes to exploring the Wasteland. RadAway is important for getting rid of the radiation damage to your Dwellers, as each use will heal 50%. RadAway won't replenish health, but that is where Stimpaks come in, as they will heal 50% of a Dweller's max HP.

The most RadAway and Stimpaks a single Dweller can leave your Vault for exploration with is 25 of each item. Luckily, if they happen to encounter more while they are out and about, they can still acquire and bring back these additional items.

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