How To Get the Bloodmoon Twin Sword In King Legacy

In King Legacy, Bloodmoon is a mythical weapon that has unsurpassed damage indicators, a great moveset, and excellent animation. Here’s how to get it.

How To Get the Bloodmoon Twin Sword In King Legacy

Striving to gain power in the world of King Legacy, players do everything they can to get the best weapons. Update 6.0 decided to significantly raise the bar of power by adding the new Bloodmoon Twin Sword. This mythical weapon has unsurpassed damage indicators, a great moveset, and excellent animation, making it a tasty morsel for any veteran of King Legacy. However, the rarity of this weapon does not allow it to change hands, so you cannot buy it from other players.

Despite this, you will still have to prepare a decent amount of money to get your hands on it. Before they can get this weapon, players will have to complete a relatively complex quest chain, but we are here to guide you along the way.

How To Unlock the Bloodmoon Twin Sword

How To Get the Bloodmoon Twin Sword In King Legacy

To get the Bloodmoon Twin Sword in King Legacy, players need to accumulate 22,500,000 Beli and unlock the Ethereal and Hell Swords. This task is by no means for beginners, and demonstrates the level of the challenge that awaits you. Once you have completed all the preparations, it is time to start the quest.

Start Quest with Yamamoto

First, go to Yamamoto and talk to him. He will say: "Warrior's spirit is still there. I can feel it." After one more phrase, select Chapter 1 and complete the dialogue. Go left along the corridor and interact with the stone Warrior Statue until you can talk to it. At the end of the dialogue, select Chapter 2 and return to Yamamoto. Talk with him and proceed to the next stage.

Meeting with Medium: Torch Challenge

Go to the Dockyard and talk to the Medium NPC, who will ask "Do you want to learn the power to communicate with spirits?" Answer Yes, and you will immediately move on to the next step. As soon as you complete the dialogue, a 5-minute timer will begin. During this time, you must light ten torches located in different places on the island, including the corridors of the Castle.

You won't be able to set fire to torches simply by interacting with them. This is where the Ethereal Sword or Hell Sword (whichever you choose) will come in handy. It is relatively hard to find all the torches in 5 minutes the first time, so examine the island before starting a dialogue with the NPC. The good news, though, is that the order of the torches does not matter.

Warrior Spirit and 100 Gorillas

How To Get the Bloodmoon Twin Sword In King Legacy

After lighting all the torches, return to Medium, who will instruct you to find the Warrior Spirit. This NPC spawns exclusively in the Graveyard in the backyard of the Castle, so finding him won't be difficult. However, the line between the worlds of the living and the dead becomes thinner only during Bloodmoon, so you must wait for this event.

As soon as the moon turns red, you will notice the Warrior Spirit. Talk to him, and he will task you with defeating 100 Gorillas. These monsters will begin to spawn immediately after the dialogue, but it's unlikely that you will have time to defeat the required number before Bloodmoon ends. In this case, you will have to wait or change servers to find the one where Bloodmoon is still lighting up the sky.

If you want to know how many Gorillas you have defeated, talk to Warrior Spirit. Once you kill 100, revisit this NPC to complete the quest.

Final Step: Boss Fight and Getting the Weapon

After going quite a long way, meet the Medium again and accept the final quest. You will have to light 10 torches again, but this time you will have 10 minutes. The location of the torches remains the same, so it will be a cakewalk. As soon as you light the tenth torch, Samurai Soul, a powerful level 7,500 boss, will spawn.

This is a rather complicated battle, and you can't resort to the help of friends. You must kill the boss alone, and any damage that a friend does to the boss will lead to failure. However, this prohibition does not apply to healing spells. Friends can periodically heal you during battle, but they can't attack Samurai Soul.

Once the boss falls, return to Medium, listen to his words of praise, and buy Bloodmoon Twin Sword for 22,500,000 Beli. No, you will not get the sword for free, despite all the tests. However, considering the advantages of this weapon, it is worth both your efforts and the money spent.

King Legacy: Bloodmoon Twin Sword Stats

Since the Bloodmoon Twin Sword is the second mythical sword in the game and the first free weapon of this rarity, its stats are truly impressive. The base damage of this weapon is approximately 2,500. During a Bloodmoon, any damage dealt by this sword is increased by 5%. In addition, this weapon has two very unusual skills:

  • Scarlet Slicer (Z): This ranged attack deals five targeted blasts of bloody blades for approximately 20,600 damage.
  • Crimson Crescent (X): Using this charged attack, you run at lightning speed at the enemy, cutting them and dealing several subsequent blows. This attack deals about 17,000 damage, but requires a lot of training from the user, as it is relatively difficult to aim and hit the target.

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