How to Get Woven Fiber in Grounded

Grounded players that are confused about where to get Woven Fiber, a very important resource, can find all of the details here.

While many of the crafting materials in Grounded are quite easy to locate, that is not quite the case when it comes to the Woven Fiber that is required to make certain early-game items. Indeed, some Grounded players may be a bit confused about exactly where to get this important resource, as it is not something that can be harvested directly from the yard.

The first step to earning Woven Fiber in Grounded is to collect some Plant Fibers, which appear as very small plants on the ground. Once a player has several Plant Fibers in their backpack, they should then make their way to the Field Station tent that houses the Resource Analyzer. Now, the player should simply interact with the Analyzer, place the Plant Fiber in it, and analyze the material.

Updated April 23rd, 2024 by Russ Boswell: Players that first drop into Grounded may not be familiar with how important analyzing materials is. One of the most important recipes that players can unlock as they progress through the game is Woven Fiber. This will allow players to craft an array of things in the early game, many of which will be important to surviving and progressing. Thankfully, it's rather easy to find and create woven fiber should players know what to pick up and where to look. To better help players in crafting Woven Fiber in Grounded, the following guide has been updated with a video.

After a few seconds, the analysis will complete, and players will see that they have received some Raw Science, which they can exchange for Grounded's floor recipe and many other useful items. Fans are also sure to notice that they have deciphered the Woven Fiber recipe, and indeed they are now very close to obtaining this resource.

All the player must do at this point is access the Craft tab, which is located next to Inventory, and navigate to the Materials section. Here fans will find that they can now craft a Woven Fiber from three Plant Fibers, and considering just how abundant that material is in this new survival game from Obsidian Entertainment, it should not be extremely time-consuming for players to get all of the Woven Fiber that they need.

To note, unlocking Woven Fiber is certainly not the only thing that players will use the Resource Analyzer for, as this machine plays an important role in obtaining some other key items. This includes Grounded's tier two axe, the Insect Axe, which can only be accessed by scanning a Ladybug Head with the Analyzer. As such, fans should familiarize themselves with the process detailed above, as they will need to repeat it numerous times if they hope to survive the yard's many dangers.

Grounded is set to launch in 2021 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Early Access is available now for Game Pass subscribers.

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